Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kuching no longer a peaceful city

Acting Sarawak police commissioner Datuk Abdul Rahman Hussin again insisted that the number of incidents in Kuching in the first quarter of this year had declined compared to the corresponding period last year.

His skull must be quite thick. I don't actually care what statistics he referred to. What I know is that the cases of ARMED ROBBERIES is on the rise. Heck, those armed gang even break-in into George Chan's house.

Imagine a gang of 6 to 9 armed men, forced their way into your home with you and your family inside ! So far, those armed gang, tied up their victims and ransacked the house for valuables. I am worried that if those gang are not brought to justice, there could be fatality among the victims in the future.

It is a horrible experience to have strangers ramming your bedroom door in the middle of the nights and rob you of your valuable and dignity.

So, as far as I am concerned, Abdul Rahman Hussin talking bull. Just a few year back, Kuching is relatively calms. Reported break-in cases confined to break-in when the owners are not a home. There is definitely something wrong with how the Polis operate in Kuching that the armed robbery are not scare of the Polis.

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Source: (Apr 19, 2008)

Hawk’s eye in the sky

By Gary Adit

Cops deploy helicopters in the face of accusations too little done against rising city crimes

KUCHING: Helicopters are now being deployed as the police seek to utilise all available resources to snare the gangs of armed robbers terrorising city residents.

Announcing this during a press conference yesterday, acting state police commissioner Datuk Abdul Rahman Hussin said the helicopters would be used to conduct aerial patrols day and night to complement the Mobile Patrol Vehicle (MPV) unit as well as officers patrolling the ground on foot.

“We have two helicopters conducting patrols day and night – weather permitting of course – that are equipped with high-powered spotlights for night patrols,” he said, adding that one was recently used to search for suspects in a nearby jungle after a failed robbery attempt at a house in Mile 12 Kuching-Serian road on Wednesday night.

In addition to officers from the contingent and district headquarters, Rahman said personnel from the Kuching and Miri General Operations Force (GOF) as well as the marine police had also been called up to help them conduct more patrols and man more roadblocks in the city.

He said that apart from the increase in the number of patrol teams and roadblocks, the police were also conducting ‘flushing’ raids in jungle hideouts and workers’ quarters at construction sites as some of the robbers might be seeking refuge there.

Calling once more for public cooperation to help bring an end to the spate of armed robberies, Rahman urged the public to call the 24-hour police hotline number (082-244444) if they spot suspicious persons or vehicles in their neighbourhood.

He said the response time of the police to a scene was largely dependent on how fast they received information from the public, thus highlighting the importance of cooperation between the public and the police.

“For those who wish to pass on confidential information to the police, they can directly call Kuching police chief ACP Wong Wai Loong at 019-6000237, deputy OCPD Supt William Poro at 013-8187040, Supt Pauzi Bujang at 013-8066028, or Kuching CID head DSP Kaderi Said at 013-8019252.”

When asked on the statistics of armed robbery incidents in the city, Rahman again insisted that the number of incidents in the first quarter of this year had declined compared to the corresponding period last year.

According to him, there were 25 such cases reported here from January to April this year compared to 33 cases over the same period in 2007, which translated to a reduction of about 24 per cent.

“It is just that people are now taking more notice because of several recent high-profile cases involving VIPs, as well as those living in large houses in so-called elite areas.”

He however assured the public that the police were not focusing their attention on VIP houses or on ‘elite’ areas only, but ‘normal’ housing areas as well.

Rahman said the majority of robbery cases occurred within the jurisdiction of the Gita, Sekama and Sungai Maong police stations, and that the police would be focusing on these areas because of an inherent lack of manpower in those stations to monitor such large areas.

Citing an example, the acting commissioner said the Gita police station had only 31 officers and one officer-in-charge with the rank of Chief Inspector.

As such, the police have ‘split’ the area into five smaller sectors to enable officers there to conduct patrols more easily with the aid of officers from the district headquarters.

On the issue of lack of manpower, Rahman revealed that the police-to-public ratio for Sarawak was 1:250.

However, the ratio for Kuching district was 1:400 due to the higher population.


Victor said...

Recently, robbers are picking up some
terrace house in my housing area(Phoenix Park,Jln batu kawa). Those robbers even dare to rob the houses during daytime, so i wish to have policemen to patrol in this area . All the neighbourhood are worrying about their safety. Because most of the time there were no adults in my home during daytime i'm just a secondary school student, so should contact the police when i see some suspicious person hanging around my housing area even though they are just almost the same age as me(16)?And mostly they come with almost 5 to 7 persons.
If any police are reading my comment please take some action and do more patrolling regularly before another unwanted incident happens. Your cooperation would be appreciated very much.Thank You.

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