Datuk Liow Tiong Lai, the Minister of Health is pleading for Malaysian medical specialist to came back and serve in government hospitals and clinics. Liow also said that the ruling was being review to make it easier for Malaysian doctors who want to come back and practice in Malaysian.

Details of the ruling was however not revealed. But the reasons why Malaysian doctors preferred to earn a living aboard is not only because of the lucaritive pays but also the environment that they are working in.

Previous ruling from Minister of Health that discouraged our doctors from servicing in the public hospitals are mandatory Bahasa Malaysia language, racial quotas and posting location. It is true that some city boy doctors refused to serve in rural hospitals or clinics.

On the other hand, Bahasa Malaysia requirement should be abolished. The reason is that those doctors went to medical school to student medicine not language.

And if the government cannot give high pay to the doctors, maybe their education loan can be absorbed by the government to relief the doctors of financial burden and let them concentrate on the duty in the public hospitals.

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Source: The Star:
Come back and we’ll treat you right, Malaysian medical specialists told

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