Barisan Nasional has promised the people of Lubok Antu that they will soon enjoy the benefits of Internet and telephone service with the construction of a telecommunication tower and community broadband centre in the area. This promise only comes during the election campaign.

Sarawak help to form Malaysia in 1963 (that about 46 years ago) and only this year, the people of Lubok Antu has been promised with better Internet and telephone service. It's not a sincere promise.

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Lubok Antu folk to enjoy phone, Internet service soon
By Jacob Achoi

LUBOK ANTU: The people of Lubok Antu will soon enjoy the benefits of Internet and telephone service with the construction of a telecommunication tower and community broadband centre in the area.

Deputy Minister of Energy, Water and Communications Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum said the tower would enable the locals to enjoy the services of mobile and fixed telephone lines, while the centre would be equipped with computers and Internet access.

Salang said on Saturday night that the tower to be built at a cost of about RM1.2 million and the centre between RM1.2 and RM1.5 million would come “very soon”.

He also said that the locals would start receiving rebates for their outboard engines by March 18.

At the meet-the-people session at Ruman Jangan that evening, Salang who is Julau MP, was quick to stress that the announcement was not a political gimmick, but a coincidence.

“What the government is giving to the people is not an election gimmick,” Salang said at the gathering, which was held during the launch of Universal Service Provision (USP) for the people here.

He said both projects were decided and approved last November, adding that the government had spent about RM20.2 million for the USP projects in Batang Ai.

According to him, another RM20 million would be spent until the end of next year.

“The government is making continuous effort to reduce the digital divide between urban and rural areas.”

On the outboard engine rebate, he explained that it had to be sorted out, adding that the amount had to be based on the horsepower of the engines.

Salang went on to say that the construction of the telecommunication tower would include putting up portable generator to benefit the longhouses that had yet to enjoy electricity supply.

“With the construction of the tower, 60 public telephones will be installed at various longhouses here and in Batang Ai,” Salang said.

On the setting up of a community broadband centre, Salang explained that Malaysian Commission of Communications and Multimedia would employ two local graduates in Computer Science to teach the locals to use computers and surf the Internet.

Salang, who is information chief of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) also urged locals to support whoever the party might field in the coming by-election, saying the Barisan Nasional was always there to help the people.

“We acknowledge the difficulties faced by the people, but development only comes slowly but surely,” Salang said at the function, which was also attended by Lubok Antu MP William Nyalau, Balai Ringin assemblyman Snowdan Lawan, Lubok Antu District Officer Nelson Mujah Girie and MCCM senior director Datuk Jailaini Johari.

Salang later gave a personal donation of RM1,000 to the longhouse (Rh Jangan).

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