The proposed expansion of Miri Kidney Dialysis Centre (which as established in 2004) will need additional RM3.5 million to construct. The new building is crucial with increasing number of patients registered and undergoing dialysis in Miri. The centre is also receiving patients from the dialysis centre in Miri Hospital.

One wonders why is the state government or the Ministry of Health not chipping in this project. Probably they have contribute but the amount is peanut. The federal government is very ambitious to spend hundred of million of Ringgit to send a space tourist to space but our medical welfare is still in a poor state.

From TheBorneoPost

Centre needs another RM3.5 million
By Anthony Joseph

New building crucial with increasing number of patients registered and undergoing dialysis, says chairman

MIRI: The proposed expansion of Miri Kidney Dialysis Centre will need at least RM3.5 million to construct.

Centre chairman Lee Kim Shin who is also Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication, disclosed that the new building was crucial with the increasing number of patients registered and undergoing dialysis at the centre.

Earlier, he received a donation of RM35,000 from the management of Dynasty Hotel through their charity fund.

Anticipating the increase in the number of patients, Lee disclosed currently there were 190 patients at the centre with another 20 still on the waiting list.

The centre would be running full capacity once those on the waiting list were accepted, he added.

Apart from that, the centre is also receiving patients from the dialysis centre in Miri Hospital.

It costs RM2,000 a month for a patient undergoing 13 treatment in the centre while in a private medical centre, it is more than RM3,000. Most of the patients at the centre are of the low-income group.

Lee said the generosity of the public, non-governmental organisations and bodies and corporate bodies in Miri had enabled the centre to provide dialysis at a very minimal cost of RM1 per treatment.

Commending the hotel, Lee said that the donation was timely as the centre run by Malaysia Red Crescent Miri Chapter was currently raising fund for its expansion.

Meanwhile Dynasty Hotel general manager Dennis Ngau disclosed that the money was raised through their annual charity events such as jogathon and food fair.

The hotel’s charity fund has donated over RM165,000 to the centre since its inception in 2004.

The less fortunate among the society have also benefited from the fund, through their festive goodies giveaway during Chinese New Year, Gawai Dayak and Hari Raya in collaboration with the Welfare Department.

The fund was set up with the main objective of giving back to the society and fulfilling their corporate duty in term of charity works, said Dennis who thanked the public and corporate organisations for their unfailing support for their charity fund.

For this year, the next charity run has been tentatively scheduled for July and the food fair, November.

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Dr George Chan Hong Nam the president of Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) confirmed on Monday that he would not be defending the Piasau state seat which he has been holding since 1983. He held the state seat of Piasau, Miri for 26 long years. I guess most SUPP party members rejoiced on hearing this news.

The other long serving state BN leader is Abdul Taib Mahmud who is the president of PBB and also the Chief Minister of Sarawak for almost 27 years. For 27 years (since 1981), he rule Sarawak with mixture of accomplishments and scandals and most Sarawakian feel that it time for him to go.

From TheStar

SUPP chief will not contest in next election

KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam confirmed Monday that he would not be defending the Piasau state seat which he has been holding since 1983.

The deputy chief minister said several young leaders had been identified as the potential candidate for the seat in the coming state election, which must be held at the latest by 2011.

”Yes, I have said this (not defending the seat), including to the media,” he told reporters at the SUPP Chinese New Year open house here Monday.

He said SUPP would give attention to strengthening the party, including nurturing young leaders who had good working relations with other Barisan Nasional component parties.

Dr Chan, 73, won the Lambir parliamentary seat in 1982. He contested and won the Miri state seat in the 1983 state election and defended it in 1987.

In the 1991 state election, Dr Chan retained the seat, which had been renamed Piasau, and has been its assemblyman ever since.

On the resignation of Datuk Dr Soon Choon Teck as the party’s deputy publicity secretary, he said party members should not make a big issue out of it.

What was important was for party members to remain united, he said.

He indicated that there would be changes to the SUPP lineup in the near future.

“Let’s wait for after the Chinese New Year. We are going to have a new team ... a mix of new and old faces to lead the party.” -- Bernama

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Hello Chinese and all Malaysian, this year you will be celebrating your 2009 Chinese New Year in a recession. For some of you, it may be your first recession.

Your parents, may be out of work soon.

Hell, you may be out of work soon.

What can you do? Here are some suggestions.

1. You also do not need 3 sets of new clothes. Please spend wisely.

2. Cutback drastically on non-essentials like bak kwa and mandarin oranges which are bad for health anyway. If you get sick, you have to spend even more money on hospital bills. In fact, in Malaysia, poor people cannot afford to get sick.

3. Adjust your expectations. Some of you may be bruising over the fact that you did not receive a company red packet or bonus. Just be glad you still have a job. You are not a unique and indispensable snowflake.

4. Have a home-cooked reunion dinner. Skip fancy restaurants and the like of KFC and McD. Stock up lots of Maggie mee. Eat less eggs unless you can rears some chicken at your backyard.

5. Tell your bank that you wish to repay the principle on the housing loan not the interest. If your interest is calculated on daily rest (ask your loan officer), pay your housing loan every week (divide it by 4) instead of every month to payup your loan faster. In fact, Bank Negara allowed commercial bank to introduce monthly loan repayment instead of weekly repayment. Why? So Malaysian commercial bank can make more profits.

6. Take all the red packet money you received, and donate it to a local charity. Make sure you get a receipt so you can use it to reduce your personal income tax.

7. If you boss tells you to work during the holidays, you bleeding work. And don’t whinge or whine. Be grateful you still have a job.

8. Forget about buying original CD or DVD. Get the ciplak version from the night market.

9. Reduce your traveling and car pool if possible. But you don't have to use our public transports because it sucks.

10. Reduce your beer intake. If you still want to drink, go to kopitiam and order beers there. It's much cheaper drinking beers and kopitiam.

For those of you who don’t think they will be impacted by the recession, spare a thought for the less fortunate members of society. Donations of cash, rice, canned sardine and edible items and other items will be greatly appreciated by folk who have nothing to celebrate.

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Hitachi intention to buy over Western Digital Kuching which include the plants and machinery as well as absorbing the 1,000 plus WD employees is off.

Apparently, WD parent company does not want to sell it's local plants to a competitor and rather forfeited it workforce (read: mass lay off).

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Police Brutality At Illegal Immigrants Detention Centres, Corrupted cops from Gemas Police Station get light punishment, Rapist in the Subang Jaya Police Station, Wake up call for Inanam police station, and more. When is this police brutality and blunders ever going to stop.

I have no feeling for car thief and criminal but for the case of A. Kugan who died while in police custody as alleged by his family member, the police are way to much. It is part of their job to "torture" suspect to extract vital information regarding a case, but seriously injured a suspect and/or causing death while the suspect is in detention is not part of their job. That would make the police as criminal themselves.

From SuaraKeadilan Online

How many more Kugans have to die before there is change?

The fact that his relatives had to barge into the mortuary shows the growing distrust Malaysians feel towards the police, and highlights how the important next month’s reform bill is and why a truly independent commission must be set up.

It is also a sharp reminder to the Barisan Nasional government - in particular, the prime minister of the day - of the neglect the Indian community feels …

By Wong Choon Mei

The sudden death of 22-year old Kugan Ananthan, who died in mysterious circumstances while in police custody, is the latest wake-up call in a long-running series to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that concrete steps must be taken to curtail the police and protect the rights of civilians.

It is also a sharp reminder to the federal government of the extent of dissatisfaction in the Indian community. The speed with which Indian Malaysians rallied behind Kugan’s family is an unmistakable sign of their growing disillusionment with the administration and its policies.

“The government needs to show it is taking a strong stand against torture, especially with the country’s human rights record set to be scrutinised by the United Nations Human Rights Council in February,” said Hazel Galang, Amnesty International’s Malaysia Researcher.

“This is why a proper and effective reform bill on the police and other enforcement agencies must be established urgently,” said Ramon Navaratnam, president of Transparency International Malaysia.

At least 10 people died in police custody in 2007. Despite continuing reports of such deaths and of excessive use of force against peaceful demonstrations, the federal government has yet to implement key recommendations for police reform.

Abdullah, due to step down in March, has however promised to table new law in Parliament next month that should see the establishment of a special complaints commission to monitor and investigate complaints of misconduct by the police and other law enforcement officers.

Nevertheless, civil groups and opposition politicians are worried the outgoing PM will not be able to garner enough support from his own political coalition to push through an effective and long-overdue solution.

They believe the 68-year old is likely to rush through another watered-down version that will not capture key recommendations of a 2005 Royal Commission of Inquiry on police abuse of power and corruption.

Civil groups have previously said the independence of any monitoring commission was all important.

In particular, they are concerned about who will be the commissioners that sit on the decision-making panel, who would appoint and dismiss them, and also if the commission would be empowered to oversee the police investigation into complaints.

What happened to 22-year old Kugan …

Meanwhile, two deputy ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department, S K Devamany and T Murugiah, were involved in the latest incident of alleged police brutality.

Both ministers were at the Serdang Hospital when a group of about 50 people, mostly Kugan’s relatives, barged into the mortuary where his body was kept. It is believed his relatives were tipped off on the condition of his body, which showed extensive bruises all over.

“I went there to see how I could help the situation. These are poor people and they are not empowered enough to tackle this by themselves,” said Devamany.

“I watched the video recording of Kugan taken at the mortuary. The footage revealed severe marks on his body, deep cuts on his wrists and bruises on his legs. Blood was oozing from his nose,” said opposition lawmaker Charles Santiago, the DAP Member of Parliament for Klang.

“Kugan was held under a two-week remand to facilitate police investigations linking him to several car theft cases. The job of the police is clearly to find enough evidence to charge him in court. It was not to beat him to death,” Santiago added.

Another lawmaker S Manikavasagam, KeADILan MP for Kapar, has called on Selangor police chief, Khalid Abu Bakar, to immediately resign.

“I call for his resignation because he has not been truthful. The victim would not have died if he was not brutalised,” Manickavasagam said. “We have two witness who have proof in this case. We will be exposing this soon.”

Khalid has drawn the anger of the Malaysian public, not just the Indians, for saying that Kugan died because of water in his lungs.

His announcement that the deputy ministers would be ‘interviewed’ on their role in the incident was also seen as veiled intimidation against the two.

But with pictures of Kugan’s bruised body splashed all over cyberspace, Khalid has had to promise an investigation.

“I hope the family and the public will be patient as there will be no cover-up in the investigation,” he later told the press.

Disappointment, disillusionment, distrust

The Indian Malaysian community believes it has drawn the short end of the stick in the socio-economic development of the country. Most of them blame the federal government for not launching enough programmes to alleviate their plight, or elevate their lifestyles, or bring them closer to the other communities.

After decades of relative quiet, the growing feelings of being marginalised and of being left behind have finally roused the community into action.

In the past two years in particular, they have spoken up for themselves through large-scale and nationwide street protests led by the now-outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force.

Many Indian leaders too have engaged in public shouting matches against the establishment, in particular against the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

But sadly, these highly dramatic exchanges - some of which are among themselves - have also worked against the community, with the message of their agenda drowned by the din of political brinksmanship.

Yet, the Indian Malaysians deserve their justice.

They are entitled to their share of the country’s prosperity, and steps should be taken to include and not exclude them from the other races, no matter how daunting a task.

“It is very difficult. The Indians have their rights, no doubt about it. But how to go about getting that?” said a political analyst, who requested anonymity.

“For any of the minority groups, even the Chinese for that matter, it is a long and arduous journey. Some may say they are being too hot-headed, while the Indians will say “We can’t take the pain anymore, we have no choice but to shout”. So who’s wrong and who’s right?

“Perhaps the one who is most wrong is Abdullah. As PM of the day, he has to take the blame. As leader of the country, he must see the situation from above and as a whole. It is the duty of the prime minister to reach out to the Indians, and not allow the situation to deteriorate until the community has to fight for what is due to them in such a way.”

From TheStar

A-G tells cops to investigate Kugan’s death as murder


KUALA LUMPUR: Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail has asked the police to classify the death of suspected car thief A. Kugan as murder for investigation purposes.

He said he met Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar who brought photographs of Kugan, taken by both the police as well as outsiders who had gone into the Serdang Hospital mortuary.

“After studying the photos and investigation papers, I suggested to the Deputy IGP to classify the case under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

“If investigations and the post-mortem report reveal that he died after being assaulted, than those responsible will be charged with murder.

“If there is no evidence to suggest foul play than the matter must be laid to rest and also should not be politicised,” he said.

Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar assured Kugan’s family and the public that police would not cover up any wrongdoing by any personnel or officer.

He said an independent investigation team has been appointed for the case.

“I sympathise with the family and assure them we will not cover up for any one.

“We will uphold the law and investigate the matter professionally and with integrity,” he added.

Earlier in KUCHING, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said a full investigation will be carried out into the death.

He said although the post-mortem report found that Kugan had died due to fluid in his lungs, police would conduct an in-depth investigation to find out what had transpired.

”We will not cover up anything,” he told reporters after chairing the first tripartite meeting between the chiefs of the Royal Malaysian Police, Royal Brunei Police Force and Indonesia National Police here on Friday.

The 22-year-old Kugan died in police custody on Tuesday while being questioned in relation to several luxury car thefts.

Musa also said Kugan’s family members should not have gone into the Serdang Hospital mortuary to view the body as it could be considered tampering with evidence.

”This should not have happened and we will also investigate it as a report has been lodged,” he said.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Be ready to serve from day one

A video advice from Obama's pre-inauguration event.

To Najib and BN leaders, it's not about the Power. It's about something get done. Be ready to serve from one.

Najib and his cohorts have much to learn from the above quotes.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is scot free

As expected, our Space Participant is now scott free. Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry and the government has no gut whatsoever to take any action against his alleged wrong doing.

I have predicted this verdict in my previous post, Sheikh Muszaphar Sheikh Mustapha probe almost ended. The reason is simply (a kid from the Tadika can also understand it) because if the government punish our Space Participant, it will be like slapped one own's face. Abdullah Badawi, Najib and Ongkili wouldn't want to drop their water face punishing their sponsored space tourist.

In fact, this result was only announced today after the by-election in Kuala Terengganu. Should they announced it before the polling day, BN candidate would even lose heavily.

From TheStar

No action against angkasawan: Science Minister


PUTRAJAYA: The Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry will not be taking any action against angkasawan Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha over allegations that he had pocketed RM1.2mil from a series of talks.

Its minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili investigations into the allegations had concluded that the angkasawan had contravened a few clauses in his contract with the ministry.

He said the ministry had sent a show-cause letter to Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and he had explained that he gave the talks after office hours or while overseas, so his work at the ministry was in no way affected.

“He (Dr Sheikh Muszaphar) has provided his explanation to the queries in the letter including why he charged for the talks and we feel that it is acceptable, so there is no reason to take the matter any further,” he told reporters after launching the ministry’s logo here on Monday.

He said the investigations also revealed that although Dr Sheikh Muszaphar was paid for the talks he gave locally and overseas, the amount he was paid in no way amounted to over a million ringgit.

Ongkili also explained that there were certain “grey areas” in Dr Sheikh Muszaphar’s existing contract with the ministry and this was part of the reason it could not take any action.

He said the ministry’s lawyers would start working on a new contract after the Chinese New Year holidays and were expected to have it ready next month.

“The new contract will look into the weaknesses in the existing contract and address them accordingly.

“Dr Sheikh Muszaphar has expressed his wish to continue working with the ministry and in the programme but it will be up to him to decide whether to accept the new terms,” he said.

Speaking to reporters later Monday, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar said he will not make a decision on renewing his contract until he sees the new one the Ministry is drafting.

“There has been some miscommunications between me and the ministry.

“These would be the areas I would want to look into in the new contract,” he said at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport where he was joining a team of volunteers from Pemuda Masjid on their way to the Gaza Strip with aid for Palestinian victims.

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Malaysia is becoming more famous internationally for the wrong reason. Malaysia is now ranked among the top 10 illegal wildlife smuggling hubs in the world, specialising in transporting pangolins, birds and clouded monitor lizards.

The wildlife is smuggled out of the country through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Penang International Airport, and through the sea via Johor. And I thought our Airports are pretty secured.

Apparently the security at our airports suck and enforcement from the Foresty, Wildlife, National Parks and the Police all closed their eyes on this issue. Yes, Syed Hamid Albar is also to be blamed.

From TheStar

Malaysia a hub for wildlife smuggling

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is ranked among the top 10 illegal wildlife smuggling hubs in the world, specialising in transporting pangolins, birds and clouded monitor lizards.

The wildlife is smuggled out of the country through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Penang International Airport, and through the sea via Johor.

South-East Asia regional director for Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network Traffic Azrina Abdullah said Malaysia was a transit and harvest hub for illegal wildlife trade.

“We are among the top 10 smuggling hubs together with Manila, Medan, Singapore and the United States.

“Hanoi is also catching up as a smuggling hub,’’ she said after attending a lecture by Bryan Christy, the author of The Lizard King: The True Crimes and Passion of the World’s Greatest Reptile Smugglers at the Academy of Sciences Malaysia yesterday.

During the talk, Christy touched on a chapter in his book which chronicled the dealings of a Penangite regarded as the top reptile smuggler in the world.

Azrina said the smuggled wildlife would end up in cooking pots in China; pet shops in Germany, the European Union countries and the United States.

“It is especially easy to smuggle reptiles because they are small and cold blooded,” she said.

She added that one could smuggle a snake by “balling” it and tying it up for long flights as it could withstand cold temperatures and survive on minimal food.

“Smugglers are also known to export dangerous wildlife species with valid papers as a front. The illegal wildlife are placed below the legal ones,” she said.

She added some smugglers even dispensed tips to buyers on how to smuggle their new ‘pet’ home on a long haul flight.

Azrina said Malaysia was the preferred hub because of its strategic location and low-risk.

“If you get caught smuggling drugs, you can be hanged. But if you are caught smuggling a tiger, you are fined,’’ she said.

Azrina said NGOs were lobbying for stricter laws under the Protection of Wildlife Act 1972 (PWA).

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Another news clip on Malaysian citizen without MyKad. According to Nurul Haslinda Abu Hasan, Johor National Registration Department refused to issue her with a birth certificate because her father only apply for it 14 days after her birth.

Valid reasons for the delay were given by her father to the officer at NRD but without luck. And 24 years later, Nurul Haslinda still hasn't got her Berth Certificate and MyKad.

Who to blame? The NRD officer who refused her application for Birth Certificate is probable already dead.

From TheStar

BALING: A 24-year-old woman from Kampung Tanjong Pari is having sleepless nights as she does not have a birth certificate and the MyKad.

Because of this, Johor Baru-born Nurul Haslinda Abu Hasan, the fourth of seven siblings, is unable to even marry.

“According to my parents, the National Registration Department would not issue my birth certificate because it was reported after 14 days,” she said.

Nurul Haslinda said the reason for the delay was because her mother had become paralysed after giving birth to her causing the father to bring the family to Baling.

“I was allowed to attend school but could not sit for any examinations. My father has tried six times to get me registered but to no avail.

“I hope someone can help me in my predicament,” she added. Self employed Abu Hasan, 57, appealed to the NRD to consider his daughter’s case as all his other children had such documents. — Bernama

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Official: PAS Candidate Wins KT By-Election

KUALA TERENGGANU, Jan 17 (Bernama) -- Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut of Pas won the Kuala Terengganu parlimentary by-election when he polled 32,883 votes, defeating Barisan Nasional's candidate Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh who obtained 30,252 votes.

Independent candidate Azharudin Mamat @ Adam obtained 193 votes.


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Latest Kuala Terengganu votes count

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08.55pm: Latest count - BN has reduced PAS' lead to 1,751 votes - PAS (28,249), BN (26,498), Independent (160). With another 9,000 votes to be counted, it is very unlikely for BN to stop PAS.

08.45pm: According PAS leaders, the party has won Kuala Terengganu by a majority of 1,600 votes. It is learned that PAS has won in all four state constituencies. In the last general election, the party won three of the four state constituencies.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is to call a press conference soon.

08.35pm: Unofficial - PAS now leads by 2,132 votes with 52,466 votes counted so far - PAS (26,971), BN (24,839), Independent (152). Another 20 percent of votes, or about 10,000 votes, yet to be counted.

PAS is certain to win the crucial Kuala Terengganu by-election with this unassailable lead.

08.20pm: BN sources say the party is ready to admit defeat.

08.13pm: Unofficial PAS has won the Bandar state seat by 190-vote majority. This is the only state seat the party lost in the March general election. About 80 percent of the Chinese voters in the Kuala Terengganu constituency are from Bandar.

08.08pm: Latest unofficial count: PAS increased lead to 2,026 votes. PAS (23,640 votes), BN (21,614), Independent (136). About 30 percent of votes yet to be tallied.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kuala Terengganu by-election result

This page is reserved for the Kuala Terengganu by-election result. Stay tune.

PAS has won the Bandar constitutency.

And book-mark this link in case TheStar, Malaysia-Today and Malaysiakini sites jammed up and get flooded.

Unofficial: Malaysiakini: Kuala Terengganu by-election result - PAS Won


08.55pm: Latest count - BN has reduced PAS' lead to 1,751 votes - PAS (28,249), BN (26,498), Independent (160). With another 9,000 votes to be counted, it is very unlikely for BN to stop PAS.

08.13pm - Unofficial PAS has won the Bandar state seat by 190-vote majority. This is the only state seat the party lost in the March general election. About 80 percent of the Chinese voters in the Kuala Terengganu constitutency are from Bandar.

08.08pm - Latest unofficial count: PAS increased lead to 2,026 votes. PAS (23,640 votes), BN (21,614), Independent (136). About 30 percent of votes yet to be tallied.

08.00pm - PAS is now leading by 158 votes - PAS (14,802 votes), BN (14,644). According to inside sources, PAS is leading in all areas except the Ladang state constituency.

07:40pm - The voter turnout for the Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary seat by-election is 79.73%. This is lower than the expected turnout of over 90% that was projected by the Election Commission before the start of the polling at 8am Saturday.

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Tiong King Sing, Bintulu MP is brave enough to criticize the flood relief support (or the lack of it) in Sarawak which is slack and unorganized. One wonders if the Bilik Gerakan Banjir is really up to the task or the people assigned to monitor and provide relief really know what they are doing. From the look of it, the people they are totally clueless and not ready for any eventuality.

George Chan, time for you to give your excuses.

From TheBorneoPost

Flood relief work disappointing: Tiong

SIBU: The residents of a flood-stricken longhouse in the interior waited and waited for someone from outside to help them. Sadly nobody came.

When the flood finally receded, some people came. The victims were excited thinking that some relief was coming their way. Better late than never, they said.

Much to their disappointment and annoyance, the visiting government officers did not bring any food or any other basic necessity. They only wanted to fill some official forms!

According to Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, that was what happened to the folk of Rumah Edward Chai in Ulu Niah.

In a press statement received here yesterday, Tiong said he visited the longhouse in the interior on Tuesday.

He was annoyed that the villagers were neglected by the flood relief workers, and he wondered how many other rural folks he had not visited also suffered in a similar manner.

He said many victims got stranded when their roads got cut off. They ran out of food and petrol and after waiting for three days, no help came.

He said his people’s service centre sent a distress call to Niah Flood Operations Room at 1am on Tuesday, but at daybreak the provisions did not come.

“The officers just came with some forms, of all things. I am angry that the relief workers did not see saving lives as their priority.

“Instead, they played around with formality. Help should have come first, and when the victims are settled, only then should the officers start filling forms.”

Tiong, who is also BN Backbenchers’ Club chairman, said he was on a tour of duty to Ulu Niah, and what he saw at Rumah Edward Chai saddened him.

He said officers involved in flood-related operations should not just sit and wait for the victims to come to them.

“The flood victims were stranded so the officers should go to them.”

He said the stranded victims were anxious, and when he arrived, they were running out of food and did not have much petrol for their boats as well.

“I am disappointed that after four days, the flood operations room is still ignorant of how serious the flood was and how people have suffered.”

He claimed that when the officers arrived with their forms they told the people that they did not know the situation was so serious.

Understandably, the victims got angry, he said.

He called on the officers to wait no more in their office.

“Go out to the people. Saving life means racing against time.”

On the same day, Tiong also visited the evacuation centre at SRK Kampung Iran in Ulu Niah where 26 victims were sheltered.

“The visit to the evacuees gave me a new heartache,” he said.

He remembered a family of five got a 10-kg bag of rice, a small packet of biscuit, six small cans of sardines, 15 packets of instant noodles, 400gm of salt, 200gm of coffee powder and a kilogramme of white sugar.

“That was okay, but why gave the same amount to a family of 10?

“To make matters worse, there was no drinking water. Some of the victims had to row their boats to help themselves.”

This, he said, was dangerous as the flood was high and the river current was swift.

No clothes were provided, no blankets for the children and the elderly, and no milk powder for the infants.

Shocked by the utter neglect, Tiong reckoned the help given to the victims did not meet the requirements stipulated by the Women, Family and Social Development Ministry.

“Our backbenchers’ club has held dialogues with the ministry numerous times on aid for disaster victims. We want to make sure that the victims get the help they need.”

He said when people got angry with inefficient officers, the Barisan Nasional government would get the blame.

Tiong said he had asked the SPDP People’s Service Centre in Niah to send help to the victims.

As for the poor performance of flood rescue workers, he said he would raise the matter in parliament.

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When the Crude Oil Palm (CPO) prices is good, oil palm companies all over Malaysia is smiling to the bank. They have little to pass back to the community. We all appreciate the oil palm companies for allowing the kampung folk to use their road.

Now they are becoming stingy and claimed that the kampung folks hasten the damages to their roads and lamented that they may closed the estate roads to the public.

One of the expectation of the government when it allow the oil palm companies to develop the lands deep in the interior is to improve the economy in that particular areas including a better road. Non-gravel estate roads is better than no road.

What the oil palm companies should done (with all their powerful connection with the government and the authority) is to demand JKR to at least maintain the road and to prevent heavy vehicle like the big lorries from timber companies. I believe JKR has plenty of gravel stockpiles for road maintenance purpose. Oil palm companies should not complain about the kampong folks using their roads.

To the kampong folks, estate roads or JKR roads is still the same. A mean for them to bring their produces to the nearest bazaar in exchange for small amount of cash. And I also don't think those kampung folks have cars to ply the estate roads everyday.

From TheBorneoPost

Help maintain access road: Oil palm company

MIRI: An oil palm company is appealing to all quarters using its plantation road to sit down and find ways to maintain the upkeep of the access road linking Miri and Marudi.

A spokesman said yesterday the company had been shouldering the burden of maintaining the road which people use as an easier access as the alternative road was in a bad shape.

“We can’t go on shouldering this financial burden and the company appeals to the government, elected representatives and other oil palm companies using this stretch of the road to sit down and find a solution to this problem,” the spokesman said.

“Otherwise, the company would be forced to close this road due to financial burden in its maintenance.”

The spokesman pointed out that the company had not carried out any plantation activity there due to some land dispute, but the public using the road were directing complaints at the company now.

He hoped all quarters would understand the situation and sit down to discuss the problems and find a solution for a win-win situation.

“If we can’t do that, then the company has no choice, but to close this road to the public,” he said.

The public has been using the company’s road as it is better maintained compared to the previous route which is riddled with deep potholes and is also steep.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Malaysian asked to boycott US goods

Dr. M is asking Malaysian to boycott US goods to pressure the United States to stop supporting Israel's attacks on Palestine.

Dr. M is asking us to stop drinking Coke and switch to Mawi Cola. Stopping watching US movies and watch rerun of P. Ramlee movies. There must be reasons why people like US goods (if they can afford it). It is because Malaysia goods has lower quality than the US.

Anyway, Dr. M forget to ask Malaysian to stop using Windows and to stop flying using Boeing aircraft.

From TheStar

Dr M: Save Palestine, boycott US goods

PUTRAJAYA: The world community should boycott the US currency and American-made products to pressure the United States to stop supporting Israel’s attacks on Palestine, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said while governments might be “scared stiff” to support the move, the people could play their part to “save Palestine”.

“The people have the capacity to act. For instance, they don’t have to drink Coca Cola and the government can’t force them to drink it.

“If we need to buy weapons, we can always buy them from Russia instead of the US.

“The boycott will have to be a universal effort. If confined to Malaysia alone, it is not going to be effective but Malaysians must also play their part.

“We must not allow ourselves to be cowed. Even if we do little things, I think we can achieve quite a lot,” he told a press conference on the developments in the Middle East.

Dr Mahathir, who is chairman of the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War, acknowledged that there would be a price to pay if countries stop trading with the world’s major trading nation.

“If we want to do something good, then there will be a price to pay. I think if you whittle down involvement with the US, slowly we will get used to it,” he said.

Dr Mahathir noted that the best and quickest solution to the Palestine issue was for the US to stop supporting Israel’s atrocities. Britain should also be blamed for their “supportive role,” he said.

He said Malaysia’s effort to convene a special United Nations general assembly should be supported, adding that it should seek a resolution to call for Israel’s pullout of Gaza.

“There are opinions that the fight between the Israelis and Palestinians is about religion.

“The crisis is not a religious struggle between Muslims and Jews. It is a fight about territorial issue,” he said.

From TheStar

Group to boycott products over Gaza strike

THE Muslim Consumers Association will boycott over 150 products from Jewish and American companies to protest against the Israeli strikes in Gaza, reported Sinar Harian.

“The move was made because there were many times Israel was asked to respect a country’s principles and sovereignty by not acting in primitive ways,” said its secretary general Datuk Dr Ma’amor Osman.

“However, they have never given a positive response as America has always supported Israel’s insolence,” he said. The list of products the association is boycotting is in its website.

The association also urged the Government to deny the entry of American films and songs which do not have any moral and religious values into the country.

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Tudung-clad teens who are hooked on sex. That's the column title which appeared in The Star/Metro e-paper and has become the most-viewed column.

There are two common views on this topic. First, the column try to project that tudung-clad teens are sex-maniac. Maybe to a couple few. And the core of the problem is not lack of religion but poor education system and parental monitoring and guidance. I'm sure she was corrupted at the young age due to the couldn't-care-less attitude of her parent.

Secondly, judging from the rating on the column as most-viewed, The Star/Metro is again selling cheap sex (topic) to gain readership. Aren't there better newsworthy column that The Star can published. Or is The Star/Metro editors still in the cuti mood? I think the editors are tad-bit-malas for letting this junk column to be published.

From TheStar

Tudung-clad teens who are hooked on sex
Other News & Views

A GROUP of Muslim tudung-clad girls were not ashamed to say they were no longer virgins, with some admitting they became pregnant at 15, Metro Ahad reported.

Some even said they lost their virginity at the age of 10, while others claimed they had multiple sex partners.

They also told Metro Ahad they would ostracise schoolmates who were still virgins.

A 15-year-old from Johor told the paper she first had sex with her boyfriend when in Year Five and was now “addicted to sex.”

“When I was in Form Three I started changing partners, and have done it with two guys at once,” she told the tabloid.

Another 15-year-old girl from Selangor told the paper the term “pure” or virgin did not exist between her friends and her.

“What is wrong if my friends and I want some fun and have sex while we are still young? ,” she told the tabloid.

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The probe on allegation against Malaysia Angkasawan Sheikh Muszaphar Sheikh Mustapha will be concluded in 2 weeks time, according to Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (STIM). The Angkasawan was said to have pocketed RM1.2mil from a series of talks (or money talks) and private appearance.

Judging from the tone of the press statement by STIM, the Angkasawan will probably be let off the hook. Why? There is no way for the government to slap in his own face. Penalizing the Angkasawan would only shame the government and the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry. I predicted that the case against Angkasawan will be dropped and Sheikh Muszaphar will be able to enjoyed his million. Malaysia Boleh.

From TheStar

Angkasawan probe to be finished in 2wks

PUTRAJAYA: The Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry hopes to conclude its investigation into allegations against Angkasawan Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha within two weeks.

Its minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said Dr Sheikh Muszaphar had yet to give his statement on allegations that he had pocketed RM1.2mil from a series of talks, as he had just returned from overseas.

“The Deputy Minister is still fixing (a date) for the meeting. At the time being, all programmes will go on as usual,” he said.

He said Dr Sheikh Muszaphar was currently attending witness programmes under his contract with the Government that required him to give lectures at schools and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well as at international conferences.

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar’s contract with the Government ended on Dec 31 last year.

The ministry would consider extending the annual contract based on the results of its investigation, Dr Maximus told reporters at a press conference after chairing the Malaysian Innovation Foundation’s first board of trustees’ meeting here on Monday.

“The ministry is very open in this matter and we will see whether he is willing to oblige to the terms of the contract and whether the new terms are acceptable to him,” he said.

When asked whether the contract would affect the extension of the contract, Dr Maximus said: “Of course, we will see how serious the matter is and he (Dr Sheikh Muszaphar) would have to answer a few questions.

“If we are satisfied with the answers, we will look at them and make a decision.”

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