Thursday, August 28, 2008

How To Access Malaysia Today

If you surf into and only see errors such as "Page Load Error", "Address Not Found" or "DNS Error - Server cannot be found", that's because the site (or domain address) has been blocked by the government cyber watchdog.

MalaysiaToday at or has been unblocked by TMNet

Below are procedure to access the blocked MalaysiaToday, as instructed by MalaysiaToday team. See also latest connection procedures at MalaysiaToday Blog.

From the MalaysiaToday team

Circumvent Internet Censorship

In the event that MCMC decides to further implement a full blocking of websites or blogs not friendly to UMNO/BN, the followings can be used as an effective way to circumvent internet censorship:

1. Accessing a mirror site
2. Using a non-censoring DNS-server
3. Using a non-censoring proxy server

1. Access a mirror site
For instance, Malaysia Today can still be accessed at this moment at . Using mirror sites may not be effective as they may start blocking these sites too.

2. Using a non-censoring DNS-server
Change your DNS to OpenDNS server or .

Click for more info on how to set DNS.

3. Using a non-censoring proxy server

(i) Proxy Sites
More effectively, this blocking can be circumvented by surfing through a proxy sites, such as:

There are many proxy sites available, just Google for them.

(ii) Proxy Tunnelling Software
Another better and most effective way to circumvent internet censor is by using Ultrasurf. It is developed by the people against internet censorship in China. It enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely while it automatically searches the highest speed proxy servers in the background.

Download Ultrasurf software from:

Then extract the file and run, that's it.

If you are using browser other than IE, then you have to manually change your proxy IP address to with port :9666 .

(iii) TOR and TOR based browsers
For those who are more IT savvy, they can try TOR. TOR based browsers are also available, such as xb Browser and OperaTor. But TOR solution tends to give slower internet surfing experience.

Say NO to internet censorship.

From TheStar
Syed Hamid tells why Malaysia Today was blocked

KUALA LUMPUR: The controversial Malaysia Today news portal was blocked by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) because its editor ignored many warning letters, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said.

“When they publish things that are libellous, slanderous or defamatory, it is natural for the SKMM to act against these websites whenever necessary,” he told a a press conference at Parliament lobby yesterday.

Syed Hamid said SKMM was only exercising its powers.

“We do not intend to curtail people’s freedom or right to express themselves. Everyone is subjected to the law, even websites and blogs,” he added.

On Wednesday, Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin lashed out against the blocking of the online portal, saying it was a breach of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) charter.

Under the MSC Malaysia 10-Point Bill of Guarantees, the Government promised to “ensure no Internet censorship”.

It was reported that all 21 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country had been ordered by SKMM to block the controversial website.

The notices were sent out on Tuesday in accordance with Section 263 of the Communications and Multimedia Act.

Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum, the Deputy Minister of Energy, Water and Communications, said he was not aware that SKMM had ordered ISPs to block the website.

“I do not read Malaysia Today. Media practitioners must be sensitive to culture and religion,” he said.

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek declined comment as it was not under his jurisdiction.

SKMM chief operating officer Mohamed Sharil Mohamed Tarmizi, who is overseas, declined to elaborate, saying a press conference would be held to explain why such action was taken.

It is understood that this is not the first time SKMM has ordered a website to be blocked.

Malaysia Today remains accessible through its mirror website.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Malaysia Cyber Watchdog On The Prowl

Who let the dog out ?

MCMC, the government's cyber watchdog says it has ordered ISPs (namely TMNet) to pull the plug on the controversial websites. The first victim was Malaysia Today site.

On the Permatang Pauh by-election polling day, I predicted that MalaysiaKini and MalaysiaToday sites would become inaccessible due heavy traffic. I was correct on MalaysiaKini whereby the site can be browse into on a on/off basis. I was wrong on MalaysiaToday whereby from yesterday evening, the site was down not due to heavy traffic but it was blocked by MCMC.

I found out this morning that access to the old MalaysiaToday site was blocked and Raja Petra Kamaruddin must be working hard last night to move their contents to the new MalaysiaToday site.

So whatever grudges the government have (I suspect Najib is behind this) on MalaysiaToday, it want to make MalaysiaToday as the first example (or victim) in order to intimidate the rest of the bloggers. Thus, there is really no freedom of speech or expression in Malaysia.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Malaysia Today is being blocked by TMNet

The old Malaysia Today ( operated by Raja Petra Kamarudin being blocked by TMNet. To access Malaysia Today please go here

MalaysiaToday at or has been unblocked by TMNet

I must say, Barisan Nasional and TMNet only know how to block people's websites. Yet their Streamyx service is still shit.

Anyway, Barisan Nasional is so envious of Malaysia Today credible articles and even branded it as a scandalous site that it instruct TMNet to block access to MT site. No entry from Malaysian public. Not sure if access from overseas can go through to the old

MT is far from scandalous. If BN think MT is a threat, it should think deeply before it commit to any policies and flip-flop decisions. BN run media are also slack, usually delivering late news, one-sided story, half-factual and purely pro-government.

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Final EC tally - Anwar got 31,195 votes, Arif Shah, 15,524, Hanafi, 92. Anwar won with a majority of 15,671 in Aug 26 Permatang Pauh by-election. See election result. Anwar's wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, won the seat with a 13,388 majority at the March 8 general election. Anwar gets BIGGER majority.

Lawyers, doctors, business community, politicians, kampung folks, foreigners, they are very concerned about the result. They want Anwar to win big. Mega Big. To teach free lessons for the BN. Teach boy Saiful. Teach flip-flop Abdullah. Teach c4 Najib. Teach son-in-law Khairy. Kick the shit-bucket of arrogance! Looks like there is hope for Malaysia. Now we have reason to celebrate Merdeka.

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Anwar Ibrahim wins with a majority of 16,210 votes in the Permatang Pauh (PP) by-election. He garnered 26,646 votes while Arif Shah Omar Shah got 10,436. Anwar's wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, won the seat with a 13,388 majority at the March 8 general elections.

Barisan Nasional especially Najib has throw all types of spears and spanners to Anwar but Anwar is still kicking and standing. With the defeat of BN in PP by-election, Anwar will back to the Parliament to shake up the Dewan. Just hope that his shake up doesn't collapse the building.

Even before the polling day, Barisan Nasional lead by Najib has been undermining Anwar efforts in returning to the Parliament starting with the by-election of the Permatang Pauh seat. BN has been sending their heavy weights to PP in their campaign, including Najib and Khairy. Next, the government reduce the oil price to please the rakyat. Najib promise for trading license for the Indian scrap metals dealers. BN awarded cash monies, pension and Datukship to Lee Chong Wei, our Olympic Silver medalist to please the Chinese voters. Next, 6 bus loads of phatom voters who are pro-BN appeared from nothing.

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By 09:00pm, Barisan Nasional has unofficially declared defeat in a Permatang Pauh by-election against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who will return to parliament after a decade-long absence.

The next few weeks will be extremely crucial and worrisome for the Barisan Nasional leaders as talks of defection of BN MP's are rife and loud. Najib, we know you are berduka kecewa now, but you can start to be pucat now.

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* Aug 27, 2008: TMNet instructed to blocked access to old MalaysiaToday site.

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Watch out for this space !

Get the latest breaking news and result on the make-or-break Permatang Pauh Parliamentary election result between main contenders PKR Anwar Ibrahim and BN Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah.


STOP NEWS! Latest! Anwar’s majority more than Azizah’s

Counting of the by-election result proceeding. From all indications, Anwar Ibrahim’s majority will be more than Wan Azizah’s majority in March 8 general election, which was 13,398 votes.


Unofficial: Anwar gets BIGGER majority

LIVE UPDATES 9.12pm: Official EC result: With 11 more boxes to go, Anwar has won the by-election with a 14,551 majority. He garnered 27,977 votes while BN's Arif Shah obtained 13,426 while Akim's Hanafi Hamat got 85


The official result for the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary by-election will be announced on TV earliest by
9:00PM. So switch on your TV now.

Malaysia’s Anwar Wins Convincingly

Can the opposition leader translate electoral success into a parliamentary majority?

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim staged a dramatic comeback Tuesday with a victory in a by-election that puts him again at the heart of Malaysian politics. With his apparent return to parliament, he has taken the first step toward his promised ouster of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition as prime minister.

The former deputy prime minister has vowed to take power for the opposition on September 16 by luring ruling coalition lawmakers to his side.

Anwar won about 60 percent of the votes in his rural northern district in Penang in a vote seen as a crucial test of ethnic loyalty in a country where race has long been the determining factor in political success. He soundly drubbed his opponent, Arif Shah Omar Shah, the candidate of the United Malays National Organisation, in a lurid campaign in which a variety of UMNO officials charged him with being a lackey of the United States and world Jewry in addition to having committed sodomy with a former aide.

Malaysia's opposition claims victory for Anwar

PERMATANG PAUH, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia's opposition has claimed a landslide victory for its leader, Anwar Ibrahim, in a special election.

Anwar's People's Justice Party said he is expected to win at least 70 percent of Tuesday's vote for a seat in Parliament. Anwar is pitted against the governing National Front coalition's Arif Shah Omar Shah in Permatang Pauh.

Tian Chua, an official of the Justice Party, told The Associated Press that there is "firm indication of a landslide victory for Anwar."

Chua says the voters have given "a sound endorsement to Anwar." He says Anwar is expected to get at least 70 percent of the vote.

Malaysia's opposition claims victory for leader Anwar Ibrahim in special election

PERMATANG PAUH, Malaysia — Malaysia's opposition is claiming a landslide victory for its leader, Anwar Ibrahim, in a special election.

Anwar's People's Justice party says early indications are that he will win at least 70 per cent of Tuesday's vote for a seat in Parliament. Anwar is pitted against a candidate of the governing National Front coalition in Permatang Pauh.

Tian Chua, an official of the Justice party, told The Associated Press that there is "firm indication of a landslide victory for Anwar."

Chua says the voters have given "a sound endorsement to Anwar."

Anwar in the leadLatest News

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is in the lead in the Permatang Pauh by-election with the majority of the ballot boxes counted.

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Monday, August 25, 2008 overloaded

In the eve of the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary by-election, surfers and political enthusiasts have been flooding the site. I won't be surprise if Malaysia-Today is having the same problem soon. But it's good news as it show that those two sites do have authority and strong following. They have more trustable information compare to those coming from RTM or Ministry of Information.

Everyone seems to dig into MalaysiaKini or Malaysia-Today to get the hottest and the latest scoops on the election campaign at Permatang Pauh. Voting will be in a few hours from now. For sure, the snippets from both side will have some bearing on the choice of candidate at the election booth.

Below are the latest snippets from MalaysiaKini on the eve of the Permatang Pauh by-election:
Malays split 60-30 on Saiful's confession
Aug 25, 08 3:17pm
updated 6.30pm Close to 60% of Malays in the hotly contested constituency said that they disbelieved Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, who has sworn in a mosque that he was sodomised by the opposition leader. more
Sodomy claim: What some Malays say
Muda Mohd Noor | Aug 25, 08 6:48pm
Permatang Pauh Some of the Malay voters in Permatang Pauh remain unconvinced by the sodomy allegation against Anwar. [VIDEO INSIDE] more
Q&A with Arif: Why take a gamble? BN the best choice
Beh Lih Yi | Aug 25, 08 8:18pm
Permatang Pauh There is no better government than the BN to represent the people, says the ruling coalition's candidate Arif Shah Omar Shah. more
By-election eve: PKR holds huge final rally
Aug 25, 08 2:46pm
updated 10.30pm In a last-ditch bid for votes before a midnight curb on campaigning, Anwar held a huge gathering that drew some 20,000 people despite drizzling rain. more
Ustaz leaves BN campaign in tatters
Chan Kok Leong | Aug 25, 08 3:33am
Permatang Pauh Uztaz Ramlang Porigi from the FT Mosque openly raises doubts on Saiful's oath that he was sodomised by Anwar. [VIDEO INSIDE] more
Iman fingers Najib's aide as mastermind
Chan Kok Leong | Aug 25, 08 10:28pm
By-election snippets FT Mosque imam Ramlang Porigi said he thinks the mastermind behind Saiful's swearing is the deputy prime minister's special officer. more
Najib brushes off FT imam's claim
Rahmah Ghazali | Aug 25, 08 3:48pm
updated 7.20pm The DPM brushes aside the Federal Territory Mosque imam Ramlang Porigi's claim that the taking of oath in the mosque was not in accordance to Islam. more
Non-voters told to stay away tomorrow
S Pathmavathy | Aug 25, 08 7:40pm
Those who are not voters are told to stay away on polling day tomorrow to prevent any traffic congestion or any untoward incidents. more
Arguments break out at EC press conference
Beh Lih Yi | Aug 25, 08 5:15pm
Permatang Pauh Confusion reign over the status of 700 voters and was left unanswered at a heated Election Commission press conference today. [VIDEO INSIDE] more
Windfall for Permatang Pauh
Chan Kok Leong | Aug 25, 08 7:34pm
Permatang Pauh So far a minimum total of RM6.5 million has been either pledged or pumped in by the Barisan Nasional for the people of Permatang Pauh and other by-election round-ups. more
Sleaze, race dominate crucial by-election
Baradan Kuppusamy | Aug 25, 08 3:55pm
analysis BN unleashes money, patronage and the overwhelming control it has over the mainstream media to convince voters that Anwar is simply unfit to be anything, let alone the next PM. more
Police expecting smooth polling
Beh Lih Yi | Aug 25, 08 6:03pm
Permatang Pauh The state police chief says that extra measures have been put in place to spot and stop any potential troubles from brewing during polling tomorrow. more
MCA leader: Don't be fooled by Anwar
S Pathmawathy | Aug 25, 08 4:49pm
Parliament Deputy Home Minister and MCA veteran Chor Chee Heung tells voters not to be fooled by the opposition icon, a day before balloting begins in the Permatang Pauh by-electio more
BN's tough fight to tempt Indian voters
K Kabilan & K Indra | Aug 25, 08 4:41pm
Permatang Pauh MIC is confident that its change in tactics in approaching the Indian voters will bear fruit tomorrow. Some of the voters however think otherwise. [VIDEO INSIDE] more
Perak excos charged, defamation suit filed
Aug 25, 08 3:09pm
updated 7.30pm The two Perak executive councillors arrested last week for alleged corruption have been charged today for accepting RM5,000 and RM100,000 bribe respectively. more
Health DG joins fray in sodomy case
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz | Aug 25, 08 4:09pm
Ismail Merican says the Pusrawi doctor's report ruling out sodomy is not the same as confirming there was no sodomy. more
The conjuror weaves his verbal wand
Terence Netto | Aug 25, 08 11:36am
Permatang Pauh In the last lap, the PKR leader has combined the stamina of a marathon runner with the concentration of an archer intent on the target. more
'Forgive, not forget' vs Sodomy 2.0
Joe Fernandez | Aug 25, 08 5:52pm
analysis The Permatang Pauh campaign has pitted Anwar’s ‘forgive, not forget’ against Umno’s second sodomy allegations. more
Permatang Pauh: Will history be made?
Kim Quek | Aug 25, 08 4:23pm
comment Will voters give Anwar a decisive margin of victory that can be taken as an endorsement of his plan to take over power from the crumbling Barisan Nasional? more
DAP's 'rocket' ready to go mainstream
Stanley Koh | Aug 25, 08 4:31pm
analysis Buoyed by jubilance and self-confidence, DAP delegates gave the thumbs-up to a call from their leadership to go the political distance and transform into a ‘mainstream party’. more
'Khairy, we know your heart is with us'
Aug 25, 08 10:26am
free ‘Don't worry Khairy, we, the public, will forgive you because we know you will be the first person to join Anwar when he becomes prime minister.' more

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Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat has refuses to swear on Quran. And rightly so. Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi is not applicable when there are civil laws, Police and the Court.

Swearing on Quran does not prove anything to the general public. Let the Police present their case in Court and let the judge and juries decide. That is what the Police and Court are suppose to do, determine who is right and who is wrong and to uphold the civil laws.

And if Anwar were asked to swear, should the public also asked Najib to swear on the Quran that he did not know anything about the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu ?

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Anwar refuses to swear on Quran, will leave it to court

BUKIT MERTAJAM: PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is still refusing to swear by the Quran despite calls by various groups to clear his name.

He cited the same reason that he had been advised by ulama not to do so and to refer the sodomy charge against him to the Syariah Court.

“I insist on following the Syariah law and court,” he told reporters after visiting the Wanita PKR operations room at Sungai Semambu, near here yesterday.

“If I were to blast people with explosives, kill people, I swear I did not do it. How can this be (allowed)? It has to be investigated and the process of prosecution followed.

“Swearing is one thing, but investigations must also be carried out,” he said, in apparent reference to the swearing by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that he did not know nor had any relationship with Altantuya Shaariibuu, who was murdered in 2006.

In his Permatang Pauh by-election campaign, Anwar had alleged that Najib had a relationship with the Mongolian woman.

Anwar’s former aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, had accused his former boss of sodomising him and had sworn on the Quran regarding his claims at the Federal Territory Mosque in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 15. – Bernama

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rewards for loser

Everyone who followed the progress of our Malaysian athletes in Beijing 2009 Olympic are not surprised when our Badminton ace, Lee Chong Wei lost to China's Lin Dan in the Badminton Men's Final. Lin Dan is simply too good for Lee Chong Wei.

A good effort from Lee but a Silver is not a Gold. A Silver is to acknowledge a finalist who lose to the champion.

And most Malaysians are shocked when it was announced that Lee will be conferred a Datukship, RM300,000 cash and RM3,000 monthly pension for life. And Lee is not the Champion.

That is how the government award our citizen. Even loser get rewarded.

This is not healthy as it will cultivate the spirit of laziness among Malaysian who now will think that no need to achieve so much will also earn them rewards.

On the other hand, BN is politicizing this to impress voters in the coming Permatang Pauh by-election that the government is generous. A cheap publicity.

Rewards should only be given to the best to breed competitiveness not to lame losers.

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GEORGE TOWN:Olympic silver medallist Lee Chong Wei is to be made a Datuk by the Penang Government.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas would confer the Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri (DSPN) on Lee on Aug 30.

“The state will award the DSPN to Penang’s first Olympic silver medallist, Bukit Mertajam home-grown talent Lee Chong Wei,” he told a press conference yesterday.

He said Chong Wei had done Penang proud with his achievement.

“Even though Malaysians were disappointed that he failed to win the gold medal, we are proud of his achievement, which has brought joy to both state and country,” Lim added.

“The state government hopes that this recognition will spur him on to break more records and achieve greater success.”

The CM said the DSPN, instituted in 1976, was limited to 800 living persons, and was conferred on individuals of high position who had contributed unique and valuable services to the state.

Chong Wei’s eldest brother Chong Hoon, who attended the press conference, contacted the player on his mobile phone on loudspeaker mode.

Chong Wei, 26, said he was very happy and did not at all expect to get a Datukship for being a silver medallist.

“I thought that maybe, if I win the gold medal, I might be given a Datukship. But no, I never expected it for the silver and was very surprised,” he said.

In Butterworth, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Chong Wei’s success is testimony that Malaysia is a country with fair policies. He said anyone who has potential in this country will be given the opportunity to shine and achieve the highest success in sports or any other field, may it be education or business.

“If Lee Chong Wei can succeed, there will be many more Lee Chong Wei in the future because we give everyone equal chance.

“In other countries, the assimilation policy is adopted, but in Malaysia we integrate. This is our policy from the very beginning until today.

“Lee Chong Wei will remain Lee Chong Wei. He does not have to adopt a different name. And we also have Malays who can speak Chinese,” Najib said at a function where he handed Lee a cheque for RM300,000 for winning the silver medal at the Olympic Games and a mock cheque for RM3,000 being the pension reward the Government had promised for the feat. The pension payments begin from next month and is for life.

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How can a teacher who is suppose to teach our young Malaysian kids to be in harmony with other races be a racist himself/herself ?

The teacher who uttered racial slurs against a group of Indian students in Banting recently literally get away free and has only been given an administrative warning and transferred to another school.

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‘Racial slur’ teacher transferred

PETALING JAYA: The teacher who uttered racial slurs against a group of Indian students in Banting recently has been given an administrative warning and transferred to another school.

Education director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom said all parties agreed that the issue had been resolved and hoped they would not raise the issue again.

“The Kuala Langat district education office also obtained the assistance of Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator T. Murugiah on Aug 5 to set up a meeting between the parents and teachers,” he said in a statement.

Alimuddin said the state education department’s disciplinary committee decided that the teacher be given the warning.

“As one of the steps taken to cool down the issue, the teacher was placed temporarily in the Selangor education department’s counselling unit. The department counsellor will be working with her,” he said.

Two students from SMK Telok Panglima Garang recently lodged police reports against the teacher, alleging she had made derogatory remarks about Indian students and called them unflattering names.

Angry parents and other members of the Indian community had gathered outside the school to protest against the teacher.

“The ministry regrets the incident which occurred during a class at the school on July 18. It also caused dissatisfaction among the parents at the school,” said Alimuddin.

National Union of the Teaching Profession secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng when contacted, said a teacher must be professional at all times when teaching students.

Teachers have responsibilities to their students and should not mix this up with emotion, she added.

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Those Malays in Semanjung Malaysia are indeed lucky lots. The natives in remote Belaga in Sarawak have to forked out RM6 for a litre of Diesel.

Can't they claim their petrol rebate from POS Malaysia ? Forget it. Those folks operate longboats and don't have the "pink card". Another silent oppression from the federal government which device policy that favour the Malays.

Sarawak rural folks pay dearly for fuel


BINTULU: The more than one million folks in interior Sarawak are still paying exorbitant prices for petrol and diesel in spite of the Government’s promise of a rural fuel-transportation subsidy scheme.

In semi-rural towns like Belaga, diesel continues to be sold at more than RM6 per litre, which is twice the price in cities and towns.

In places that are categorised as truly rural (not accessible by roads) such as the deeper areas of Kapit and Baram, the cost is even higher.

The rural populace, who form 50% of Sarawak’s 2.3 million population, have been forced to bear this burden despite repeated assurances from politicians at state and federal levels that the Government will subsidise the transportation cost of supplying fuel to all rural and semi-rural towns and villages.

This promise was made during the state elections in 2006 and repeated during last year’s Budget speech and the March general election, but nothing has changed.

A check by The Star yesterday showed that in Belaga, located 150km from Bintulu, diesel still costs about RM5 per litre.

“If the transportation subsidy scheme is functioning, fuel prices for rural folks must be reduced already, but this had not happened,” said social activist Michael Jok, a former Catholic priest in the Belaga region.

“Many people living in interior Sarawak are very confused. And, whether they like it or not, they are still at the mercy of fuel suppliers.

“No matter how high the fuel prices, they must still buy fuel or else their generators, vehicles, rice mills and longboat engines cannot function.

“The Government must explain what is actually happening and how much longer the rural people must bear this burden,” he said.

A check with the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry revealed that the rural fuel-transportation scheme was not being implemented by the ministry, but directly by the Treasury.

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Declare National Service a Failure. Here's the sole reason:
1) Malays is not open to competition as in the case of the recent UITM undergraduates protest.

New reasons:
* Vandalism by trainees at NS camps.

Extract from:

Watching the continued coverage of UITM undergraduates protesting and screaming all sorts of seditious statements whilst the police and govt stand by is not only a sad reflection of the state of the country but also the future of this country.

Whilst many may have their own views on the end products of UITM, at the bare bones they are still young Malaysians. Malaysians who are the future of this country. I am able to forgive their robust stand and total conviction for a cause but what they fail to realise are the following:-

1. Every right minded employer will now think twice about employing any of these graduates since they will all know the racist, self supreme, warped and self absorbed thinking they have. In a globalised economy, there is no place for xenophobia.

2. Every right minded investor will think twice since it appears to the world that Malaysia (principally Malays) are not open to competition nor is it open to critical thought. In every organisation, there will be critical thought. That banter and discussion is what fleshes out the best ideas. Its called meetings. A simple word that a so-called graduate cannot phantom has no place in an economy.

3. Lest these young ones feel that they are destined for greatness in Malaysia, they are sorely wrong. Simple maths of dwindling investments, increased competition (read: two jobs= 1000 applications) and highly motivated graduates from other races should have made reality dawn in their mushy mind.

Putting aside economics and realities of the working world, if we drill deeper, we find something that truly is worrying for every Malaysian, of every race.

In a country with some of the best infrastructure (noted not designed with maturity) and exposure to world views via ASTRO, Internet etc, critical thought and courage and maturity to stand up (without crutches) for a fellow countryman is left wanting.

Against this landscape, we can safely assume that National Service which has its main tenants of bringing the various differing races together has been a failure. Agreed, most of us have our views of National Service and comments on the media adverts of all races giving high fives and building a fire together. Below this proverbial veneer lies the absolute envy, hatred and racism of this country.

The UITM fiasco and the continuing political mileage being milked by various quarters are in my opinion the death kneel for all UITM graduates and also this country.

I ache for the UITM student who did not participate in the protest and was silently hoping for all this to go away for he needs the job and needs the money to pay for his sister who intends to study a course and not be a statistic with Mat Rempits or holed up in a foreign prison for drug charges. But alas, this student will also be branded as with all the others.

My advise to UITM, its students and its leaders- if you think this Barisan Gov't has a job waiting on a platter for you. Think again. Their jobs are already in trouble and they may not have one come Oct 2008.

If you think a multinational is going to employ you as the government will impose rules to employ you. Think again. Those rules may work previously. Now the investors will show you with their feet.

If you think any company worth its salt that will be able to pay the kind of salaries that you dream about is going to employ you, think again. They know your true colour. No amount of interview tactics and strategy will help you now.

With your lack of critical thought, understanding, solidarity with your fellow countrymen and long term vision, you have sealed your destiny.

But then, you are an undergraduate in a university. You already knew that.

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Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak made a plea to the Chinese and Indian communities in Permatang Pauh - come back to the Barisan Nasional's fold.

Yeah right. Did Najib or Abdullah ever get consent from the Chinese and Indian when they held talk with PAS ? The reason why the talk broke down is because PAS want Hadi to take over the prime minstership from Abdullah.

The only way for Chinese and Indian to enjoy equality and to contribute more to Malaysia is lend their supports to PR.

As for Najib or Abdullah, I doubt they even care about their own race what more to say other races. They only care about holding power in PutraJaya.

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Last Friday, Saiful swore on the Quran at the Federal Territory Mosque that he had been sodomised by Anwar on June 26 and that it was not consensual.

Why in the first place he didn't tell the police that Anwar rape him ? This bugger keeping giving different statements and different stories. I'll say he giving lies.


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Saiful gives statement to religious department

KUALA LUMPUR: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, who has accused Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him, gave a statement on the allegation to the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) Tuesday.

According to Bernama, he was dressed in a blue shirt and black pants and he wore a songkok when he arrived at the Jawi office at 10am. He was accompanied by his father, Azlan Mohd Lazim, and lawyer, Zamri Idris and escorted by police officers in plainclothes.

Saiful is believed to have been called by Jawi to give a statement relating to his sodomy allegation.

After spending more than three hours with Jawi officers, Saiful was taken away in a silver Proton Waja at 1.15pm. He left the Jawi office through the back exit without speaking to reporters who were waiting outside the building.

Minutes later counsel Zamri emerged from the building but declined to give comments. He also refused to confirm or deny if the meeting was related to Anwar's case.

"I will comment later. Not sure yet. Let me speak to Saiful first," Zamri said, in the back seat of a Proton Perdana.

Jawi director-general Datuk Che Mat Che Ali could not be reached for comment.

Anwar pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court here on Aug 8 to sodomising his former aide in a condominium here on June 26.

Last Friday, Saiful swore on the Quran at the Federal Territory Mosque that he had been sodomised by Anwar on June 26 and that it was not consensual.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

BN denied giving out cash to voters

Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah, Barisan Nasional candidate for the Permatang Pauh by-election is denying giving out cash to buy voters. But he didn't denied that cash transferred hand and the money is for logistic expenses.

Bullshit. All Barisan Nasional supporters know the following kickback:
1). You get paid to walk among the supporters and BN candidate to the nomination station.
2). You get paid to cast your vote for the BN candidate.
3). You get paid to line up at the road-side to show support to the VIP motorcade.

Payment is between RM20 to RM50 per attendance. Of the campaign manager will tell the supporters that those are duit minyak.

This practice is very rampant in the rural areas and kampong.


Money for logistics work, says Arif Shah

BUTTERWORTH: Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah denied talk that the party was giving out cash to buy over voters.

He said the coalition's election machinery gave between RM50 and RM500 to individuals to carry out logistics preparations.

“We gave them money to do logistics work for us. There is nothing more than that,” he told reporters here yesterday.

It has been alleged that the Barisan machinery personnel gave voters money in exchange for photocopies of their MyKad. “We did not want any abuse of funds by the election agents or middlemen. So, we insisted that they produce MyKad photocopies to receive payment,” he said.

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Conservative Islamic party PAS has shelved a proposal to ban gambling and restrict alcohol sales in the four states it rules with its political allies.

PAS basically admit that non-muslim can gamble and consume alcohol as 'Their religion allows it'. They got this wrong. For non-muslim such as Buddhist, Hindu and Christians, their religion may not explicit allow gambling and alcohol but rather discourage it.

In fact, banning gambling and alcohol will not exactly solve the problem as people still can bring those thing underground. The right way is proper education and campaign to discourage gambling and alcohol.

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It's a grave mistake by the Lembaga Amanah Kebajikan Masjid Negri Sarawak who owned a century-old Muslim cementary in Jln Keretapi, Kuching who approved the exhumation of the graves but didn't bother to inform the next of kins.

The news was first reported by MalaysiaKini .


Angry kin stop exhumation


KUCHING: An excavator was torched as angry family members stopped the exhumation of hundreds of remains at a century-old Muslim cemetery at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi here.

A man believed to be involved in the exhumation work was assaulted. Several police officers and men arrived to control the tense situation.

The angry family members, who said they had not consented to the exhumation, also burnt tools used to dig up the graves and the wooden boxes to be used to collect the human remains.

Some 30 of the more than 300 graves in the cemetery were said to have been dug up since Monday.

Many family members rushed to the cemetery early yesterday to stop the exhumation work when they learnt about it.

They claimed that they had not consented to it although there was a dialogue at the Majlis Islam Sarawak building last Friday on a proposal to relocate the cemetery to a new site at Semariang in Petra Jaya.

Morshidi Sabang, 60, who spoke for the affected families, said they were angry as the exhumation work was carried out without their approval and done without proper rituals.

“We asked that exhumation work should not start before the coming Hari Raya,” he told reporters.

State Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs) Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman said that he was disappointed with cemetery land owner, the Lembaga Amanah Kebajikan Masjid Negri Sarawak, for not informing him of the exhumation work.

He ordered the exhumed remains to be reburied yesterday afternoon according to proper rituals supervised by Majlis Islam Sarawak

The BorneoPost

Tempers flare as graves exhumed unlawfully

KUCHING: Emotions ran high at the Jalan Keretapi Muslim cemetery here yesterday following what was described as the unlawful exhumation of 44 graves by a local contractor as family members gathered en masse to protest the ‘heinous and shameful’ act.

The extremely tense situation also threatened to spiral out of control on several occasions as angry family members bashed up a representative of the Sarawak Islamic Religious Department (Jais), whom they held accountable for the incident, and torched an excavator and other equipment belonging to the contractor.

The incident also drew the attention of various quarters with Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs) Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman, Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) secretary Chong Chieng Jen, PKR state liaison chief Dominique Ng and Batu Lintang assemblyman Voon Lee Shan all making an appearance to meet and discuss the situation with aggrieved family members.

With many of those at the scene placing the blame on his ministry, Daud soon found himself becoming a target of the angry mob, who hurled foul and abusive language towards him from the moment he arrived.

The assistant minister, however, kept his cool and assured everyone that he would personally look into the matter which he claimed he had no knowledge of.

Police personnel were also present throughout the day to monitor the situation to ensure that further violence did not erupt at the cemetery, which is said to date back to the James Brooke era and where over 300 graves are located.

Word of the exhumation began to spread as early as Monday evening when a family member, whose ancestor is buried at the cemetery, was driving along Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce and noticed that part of the area had been ‘covered’ using plastic sheets.

Taking a closer look, he was horrified to see workers digging up the graves and placing the bones of the men and women who died into separate wooden crates.

He immediately alerted his family and relatives, who then contacted the other families and led to the mass gathering which started around 8am.

Among those present included PBB Batu Lintang Youth chief Kassin Mahruf, whose grandfather’s remains were among those exhumed by the contractor.

Kassin who was later joined by his SUPP counterpart Sih Hua Tong, took a more diplomatic tone to explain the situation, saying it was a result of ‘lack of coordination’.

“There was a definite lack of coordination between the contractor and Lembaga Amanah Kebajikan Masjid Negeri Sarawak (LAKMNS) with the affected families which resulted in today’s episode.

“The two parties should have held more dialogue sessions with us to discuss about the relocation,” he added, referring to the proposed relocation of the site to the Semariang Muslim cemetery.

He said a discussion involving all parties was held last Friday, and that an agreement was reached to postpone any decision regarding the issue until after the up-coming Hari Raya celebration.

Stopping short of saying that the contractor and LAKMNS went back on their word, Kassin pointed out that the issue at hand was sensitive in nature and that the exhumation should not have happened in the first place.

State PKR advisor Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Sanusi meanwhile said the ‘heinous and shameful’ act went beyond the boundaries of politics, race or religion, and demanded an apology from the authorities on behalf of the affected families.

All the claims and accusations from various parties, however, were of not much concern to many of those gathered at the cemetery as some broke into tears at the sight of their ancestors’ remains while others chose to vent their anger and frustration in private.

One of them, 75-year-old Darmi Darma, told reporters that she felt both ‘saddened and shocked’ after learning that the graves belonging to her two late grandmothers were among those affected.

Claiming to be among the first to learn of the incident, the elderly woman went on to say her family had never been contacted by the contractor over the matter and that steps needed to be taken to prevent something similar from recurring.

Another of those affected yesterday was 70-year-old Awang Fauzi Awang Olen who had 10 family members buried at the cemetery.

The pensioner said he could still vividly remember his first visit to the cemetery with his late grandfather when he was only seven years old and explained that he was told then that it dated back to the James Brooke era and was of historical significance.

As tempers began to cool under the hot sun, family members and relatives pooled their resources and energy to re-bury the remains of their ancestors in two separate mass graves beginning at 1.30pm and ending around 5pm under the watchful eye of a religious personality from Jais who arrived to ensure everything was properly conducted according to Islamic rites and rituals.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that the Jais official who was assaulted earlier in the day had lodged a police report over the incident.

It was, however, not immediately known if any of those whose ancestors’ graves were dug up had lodged a report with the police.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mamula Moon pirated into NegaraKu ?

Apparently there are still many people (including myself) who are unaware about this embarrassing "truth" behind our national anthem, Negaraku. The scenario of how our national anthem came to be felt like something you would normally see in a comedy.

This is not in MalaysiaKini yet or was it old news ?

A member of the Perak royal f
amily was invited to a reception in Europe, and there he was asked about his state anthem. Not to be embarrassed, he simply hummed a tune he was familiar to, a song popular to the island of Mahé in Seychelles. The state anthem for Perak was born, and it eventually became the national anthem for Malaysia.

In short, our national anthem is nothing more than a plagiarized work to “save face” of a Perak royalty. We have
always been taught to be proud of our national anthem in school, so does that mean we should take pride in plagiarism?

The similarities are very obvious, and you can listen to the original song here:

Article stumbled at

Year: 1947
Track number: 14
Duration: 00:02:50

one day i walked along
a moonlit island shore
and soon i heard a song
i’ve never heard before

i said who can it be
to sing so tenderly
and saw a dust he made
with lonely serenade

mamula moon
shine high above the southern sea
and like my love
say form again to me

we said goodbye
beside the blue lagoon
alone am i
with you mamula moon

i waved my hand
the grey ship sailed across the bay
on golden sand
that might i melt to pray

that i might see
my love returning soon
still true to me
and you mamula moon

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Reports from Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, the first Malaysian "astronaut" will be presented to the Cabinet for the MPs to decide our future space programme.

Way back in April, Dr Maximus J. Ongkili, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister mentioned that the country has run out of budget to send the second space tourist into the orbit. Now want the Cabinet to re-decide again. What lar ... Save money for other things lar.

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Astronaut's Research Report To Go To Cabinet

SHAH ALAM, Aug 11 (Bernama) -- A report on the findings of the research and studies conducted by the country's first astronaut, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, at the International Space Station (ISS) will be presented to the Cabinet by the end of this month, said Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili.

He said the report needed to be studied by the Cabinet first before it was announced to the public and only then could the future of the country's astronaut programme be considered.

"The Cabinet will decide on all future programmes, big or small, and the ministry will make suggestions.

"With our current economic situation we need to focus on investment in sectors that yield faster and provide maximum income, and this will have an impact on programmes such as the astronaut programme," he told a press conference after the ministry's monthly assembly and 2008 Excellent Service Awards presentation, here Monday.

Ongkili said although the second astronaut programme had not yet been decided on, the ministry would still send Major Dr. Faiz Khaleed to undergo training to ensure continuity of Malaysia's space programme.


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Umno ordered to pay RM218 mil

In the March 2004 general election, Umno received campaign paraphernalia worth hundreds of millions ringgit including posters, badges, banners and caps, which it had refused to pay.

Pak Lah said UMNO will definitely appeal the judgment made by the High Court.

RM218 million sound big, but don't worry. If UMNO pay their debts (read: compensation), they probably use their funds from Petronas or duit rakyat. Put it this way, Petronas is UMNO's ATM.

Just watch the news and blogs in the coming days, someone will speculate that the UMNO election cost in 2004 were suppose to be sponsored (read: FREE) by the vendors in hope that UMNO will give them project (read: kickbacks). But along the way, those vendors who have spent hundred of thousands Ringgit for the election sponsorships never got those project. So to recover their cost, they pulling UMNO to court.

I am also not surprise (if the above did happen) that instead of thousands, the vendors claims millions. After all, it's an opportunity for them to get back to UMNO and as they as, compensate for interest and lose opportunities.

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How much would it cost to (telephone) call Malaysia from Hell? You'd be surprised!

Queen Elizabeth, Bill Clinton and Mahathir die and go to hell. But the devil has only one phone there. Queen says, I miss my England, can I use your phone and hear how my people are doing down there.

She calls and talks about five minutes. Then she asks: Well devil, how much do I owe you for the call? The devil says: Five million pounds. She writes him a cheque and goes back to her chair.

Clinton wants to make a call too. He says I wanna call the US . He talks about ten minutes, then asks how much do I owe you devil? The devil says Ten million dollars He also writes a cheque and goes back to his seat.

Mahathir is jealous. He says I want to call Malaysia. He calls and talks for about an hour to his chief crony who is busy trying to give instructions to Petronas to take care of his sons. Then he asks the devil how much do I owe you?

The devil replies: only one dollar. Mahathir is shocked and asks 'why so little?'.

The devils says: if you make a call from one hell to another, IT'S LOCAL CALL.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Fatt ... Fatt .. Fatt ..

On this auspicious day of 08-08-08, may I wish you and your family, a Joyful and Prosperous "Fatt ...! Fatt ..! Fatt ..! Future ...!

"Fatt" in Chinese is eight (8) and it's pronunciation sounds like lucky or luck.

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