Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blatant censorship by Utusan Malaysia

In a recent murder case at Kampung Kuala Sungai, Kedah, most national dailies published a photo of the suspect being escorted by the Policemen. And at the background laid the victim body sheltered with umbrellas. One of the umbrella has the BN logo.

Of course everyone know that it is a crime case and the BN has nothing to with it but Utusan Malaysia opted to censor the photo. So now we know that photos from the Utusan Malaysia can never be the real one, just like their news pieces (like bad mouthing the Opposition). Utusan Malaysia has made a real aristocracy on journalism.

Photo from the Star. Go to the Star article at Estranged hubby ‘prefers to die’ with 73-year-old partner

Utusan Malaysia fake photo
Photo from Utusan Malaysia. Go to the Star article at Enggan bercerai: Lelaki tikam isteri

Please print the articles from the Star and Utusan Malaysia before the editor from UM removed it. And please spread this link.

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