The Muslim extremists have shifted their target from churches to Sikh temple in protest for the usage of the term "Allah". A glass window of the entrance door of the Sikh Temple in Sentul here was found cracked late yesterday by a barrage of stones, making it the first non-Christian house of worship hit since the controversial landmark “Allah” ruling.

The stoning of the Sikh temple or gurdwara in Jalan Haji Salleh near the former Sentul Railway Yard comes a week before Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib makes a three-day official visit to India on Jan 19 to meet his counterpart Manmohan Singh, a Sikh himself, and reflects the government’s struggle to contain the issue and keep it from spiraling out of control.

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mohd ali ismail said...

Please do not just accuse Muslims for doing such things as throwing stones and acts of vandalisms to places of worships.If accusations after accusations are thrown only at Muslims, the chances are Muslims as a whole will get intimidated, fade up and tired and they will eventually retaliate and rise to defend their positions in the community.When this happen Malaysia will not be a safe place to live anymore as there will be a racial disharmony and mistrust will creep in to individuals. We have been living in harmony for so long please do not incite disunity.As it is ow we are already at the cross road and do not fan the fire at this point. It is dangerous.

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