Monday, November 22, 2010

Light Sentence For Chin Hock Nam

Chin Hock Nam, a taxi driver who called himself “Uncle” was jailed 14 years and ordered to be whipped five times for raping, attempting to rape and molesting seven underage girls. 14 years is too light. What has becoming of Malaysian judge. Chin Hock Nam should be sentenced for LIFE.

He was sentenced to 82 years in jail but will only be behind bars for 14 years as the Ampang Sessions Court ordered that the sentences run concurrently from his date of arrest.

Chin Hock Nam, 54, changed his mind and pleaded guilty to all charges when the case, which was supposed to be tried in camera, began yesterday.

In sentencing, Ampang Sessions Court judge Azwarnida Affandi said she took into consideration the fact that the offences had become rampant and that all his victims were underage as well as Chin’s guilty plea. Azwarnida, you are too lame for giving him 14 concurrently years. Chin Hock Nam should stay and rot in prison for 82 years !.

Azwarnida jailed him 14 years and ordered that Chin be caned twice for each of the two counts of rape.

She also jailed him 14 years and ordered him to be whipped once for the attempted rape charge.

Azwarnida also jailed him eight years for each of the five molest charges involving four victims.


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