Thursday, March 27, 2008

10 Dosa Idris Jusoh

10 sins of Idris Jusoh to the people of Terengganu when he was the Terengganu chief minister:

1. Kemiskinan - Poverty
2. Pilih Kasih - Favorism
3. RM300juta untuk Monsoon Cup - unnecessary overspending
4. RM500juta untuk Pulau Wan Man project - unnecessary overspending
5. Kroni - Crony

6. Harga Barang Melambung - Uncontrolled price inflation
7. MB Hanya Patung - Puppet to PM and Khairy
8. Tiada Peluang Pekerjaan - High rate of unemployment
9. Merobohkan Masjid - Demolition of place of worship
10. Menembak Rakyat

Terengganu despite being rich in natural resources (petroleum and gas) has became a poorer state due to mismanagement of funds and state affairs by Idris Jusoh and UMNO.

See newspaper clipping below.


colonel said...

Then a full audit needs to be initiated into all transactions he was in any way involved it. It is insufficient removing cronyism and corrupt officials from office - the rakyat must pursue them and hold them responsible for their actions in a court of law. Jail the guilty regardless of how far up the hierachy this has to go. When the rakyat elect individuals to public office we exect the highest level of integrity and honestly - when this high office and our trust is abused, the culprits must expect the retribution in its most severe form.

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