Checking for the latest news on slow Streamyx Internet connection? No news is good news? It's the opposite for Streamyx subscribers. No news meant no progress. Same old story. Streamyx still suck. Screamyx is driving me crazy lately!!

Connectivity for ping sensitive things like online gaming, streaming, ventrilo, etc. will suffer. Websites taking forever to load. Downloads were not possible.

Restoration time not known eventhough TM has announced that their restoration has been completed in Jan 2009! Insiders from TM suggested it is not. The connection restoration to normal bandwidth will "probably" be completed by end of this month.

In the meantime, forget about logging to Facebook, uploading photos to your Flickr gallery. Forget about Torrent, BitComet, LimeWire, YouTube Downloader for a while.

I for one, is really tempted to ask Steamyx, please roll over and die asap.

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Cindy said...

it's worst when you depend on the internet for work. work is taking me twice as long to complete. is it the same with other isp or network providers in malaysia?

Simuot said...

not sure for other isp provider in malaysia, as long as TM monopoly this business i don't think our internet service getting any better. TM= Tamak & Monopoli

Act Now! said...

See the big picture.

Governments fear the people are waking up to the fact that governments issue UNLIMITED FREE MONEY for themselves and cronies while we the people slave our whole lives for pennies.

Governments now limit internet bandwidths because the internet is waking up the people.

CrazyZombieZ said...

So Slow Dunno They Do Wat We Pay For Each Month Still Slow ..

beepbeep said...

Not only TM, it same like astro also. monopoly the entertaiment in Asia. Astro = Ass hole

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