Thursday, February 26, 2009

Uncommitted teachers can go mad

Teachers going mad teaching subjects in English, yelled TheStar. Well, uncommitted teachers can surely go mad. No problem with me. This stemmed from some Malay teachers who are "going mad" for not able to handle teaching the Mathematics and Science subjects in English.

If the kids can learn English, why it is so difficult for the adult teachers to learn English. In fact Chinese and Indian kids can conversed in their mother tongue, Bahasa Malaysia as well as English. Don't tell me, the Malay only want to conversed in Bahasa Malaysia. Do they want to stay under the coconut shell forever? Bila lagi nak landing kat bulan.

Back to the school. Initially when the government announced the policy of teaching English in Maths and Science subjects, most Malay teaches are not supportive or committed to the project. Hishammuddin Hussein has spend millions of Ringgit to buy multimedia PCs, notebooks, printers and other electronic devices, including capital cost to upgrade the human resources, so that teachers can upgrade their English proficiency. Enough time were given. Even allowances were allocated.

Most of them however were reluctant to attend courses, workshops and seminar to improve their command of English. A few years down the road, they were left behind by Chinese, Indian and East Malaysian natives teachers in term of English proficiency. Hence, it not blind leading the behind as far as Malay teachers are concerned, it was their ego and mentality that put them in the current spot. Don't blame the government, don't blame English language. Blame themselves.

Prof Abdullah Hassan (the Malaysian Translators Association president) meanwhile suggested that the English subjects should be dropped as he argued that it will pointless since there will be no enough job openings that demand good English due to the current economic situation. For a person who qualified to be called a Professor, he is very short and narrow minded. The government policy is to benefit our future generation. Prof Abdullah however, has run out of idea that he now use the weakened economy as an excuse to propose the cancellation of the English subjects. I think he got his Professorship from some cheap Internet site.

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From TheStar

Teachers going mad teaching subjects in English, claims rep

TAIPING: Some Malay teachers in Bagan Serai are “going mad” as they cannot handle teaching Mathematics and Science subjects in English, claimed a state assemblyman .

Dr Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah (Titi Serong) said the teachers themselves had to take English classes to improve their command of English.

While they are still grappling with the language, they are required to teach their students as well, said Khalil, who was chairman of the Perak Backbenchers Club in the former Pakatan Rakyat-led state government.

“The teachers themselves have a poor command of English. How do we expect them to teach their students?” he asked in his speech after a briefing on the subject at the state PAS headquarters in Jalan Air Kuning on Tuesday.

Some teachers, he said, “have simply gone crazy” because of this, likening the matter to the blind leading the blind. He claimed the minimum passing mark for both subjects were lowered to ensure that only a rosy picture was painted of the move.

Earlier, the gathering was told by Malaysian Translators Association president Associate Prof Abdullah Hassan that a big gathering is scheduled to be held in front of Istana Negara at 2pm on March 7 to protest against the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English.

Prof Abdullah said the argument that the usage of English would provide better job opportunities could only hold water if there were plenty of job openings.

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conscience2020 said...

You should look at the teachers themselves and their way of life and these clearly explain why they fail to master the English Language. Our teachers today are nothing more than ignorant housewives. What do they talk about in the staffroom? Recipes, their husband and children, celebrities for instance why Siti Nurhaliza cannot conceive etc- these are the only things that interest them. Do you think they will take the trouble to read one book a year? Definitely not. What about mastering the English language? They would rather spend their time gossiping. And when they cannot speak proper English they blame the government. Hishamuddin, please don't give in to the threats of these lazy and ignorant teachers. If they cannot afford to teach maths and science in English they can resign and become a full time housewife. What a shame on the teaching proffesion!

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