Just hours ago, PM Najib announced his new Cabinet lineup and as expected without KJ in the list. However, there are fans of KJ who think he should be in the Cabinet lineup. One such fan, commented in his FaceBook that Khairy Should Be In Cabinet Because…

1. … if UMNO is to get rid of corrupt politicians, Parliament will be half empty and Najib has to get rid of himself (C4 or other means).

2. … money politics is the only survival tool in UMNO/BN, as Mahathir wanted it.

3. … if UMNO starts to get serious about cleaning up corruption, UMNO warlords will go amok and jump over to opposition (at least threaten to do so).

4. … if he is not, who is going to be Minister of (un)Education? Hamid Botak?

5. … he wears tight Armani Suit. Kids need something to look up to and Mawi only knows how to sell Mamee.

6. … he is the most handsome(st) politician in BN. Others look like shit with big bellies and balding head.

7. … he is the only one who can accord the Mat Rempits the dignity & respect as the real terror of the streets. Imagine what UMNO would become without the red scorpion gang to do all the dirty works.

8. … if he is not, it will trigger a C4 war between Rosmah and Mahathir on who gets to pull the strings on Najib the puppet. After all the hard and EXPLOSIVE works, no way Rosmah is going to let Mahathir into the game.

9. … he, according to the Oracle, is The One who would be able to wake up all Malaysian from the Matrix and trigger a revolution to bring down UMNO. Only KJ has the balls to swallow red pill and still appear blue.

10. … only KJ can help Najib screw the old man’s plan to have Mukhriz as the next PM in line. Rosmah can then get their son away from those blonds & booze and especially Mongolian girls as he will be the youngest PM evar. Screw the Mahathir clan. There can be only ONE Family!

11. … Ali Rustam was also found guilty of corruption what. How come he can remain a Menteri Besar while KJ cannot be a minister? Why Mahathir never ask Ali Rustam to resign? It’s ok to have a corrupt Menteri Besar? This will trigger a huge uproar and will cost Najib+Rosmah lots of money to settle.

12. … it’s simple maths. How many years more Mahathir has on planet Earth? How many more KJ has? Who is a better friend?

13. … if Khairy can do his thing on Badawi’s daughter, he can also work his magic on Rosmah. Afterall, Rosmah is quite an item and KJ knows well what heavily botoxed women seek for. Women + power, that’s KJ’s arena.

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hunterJet said...

I agree with you absolutely

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