Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sibu election result

Sibu election result. Bookmarked this page. More info will be updated on the election day.
OFFICIAL BN 16124 IND 196 DAP 18775 majority 2651 for DAP. Postal votes not tallied.

10.35pm: It appears that there was some minor dispute over the postal ballots. However, it is learnt that the Election Commission will be announcing the result soon.

It is almost certain that DAP has won this closely fought by-election by between 300 and 400 votes.

10.00pm: All 110 boxes counted, but 2,537 postal votes cast not tallied yet.
DAP 18,775
BN 16,124
Independent 196

9.20pm: DAP has claimed victory in the by-election, although the official result has not been announced by the Election Commission

8.45pm: Official results - 95 out of 110 boxes counted
BN 13,425
DAP 15,493

Following is the voter turnout statistics when polling for the Sibu parliamentary by-election closed at 5pm Sunday.

Total No. of Registered Voters : 54,695 (including 2,537 postal voters)

Number of voters who cast ballots : 32,742

Voter turnout : 59.86 per cent

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