Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why Mat Rempit is a menace

A letter from DR M.A. NAIR which was published in the explained why the general public dislike the Mat Rempit. Despite what Khairy J said about them, Mat Rempit are definitely a menace to the motorists and the general public.

IT was reported that a Mat Rempit was shot by a policeman for ignoring an order to stop.

The Mat Rempit menace is well known to all motorists. They have caused a lot of problems to road users and the serenity of many residential areas. They do not accept polite advice as they will return to cause harm to whoever questions their “right” to behave waywardly. Almost all motorists have experienced the mayhem caused by them and many have been harmed.

Mat Rempit race recklessly at neck-breaking speed, ignoring traffic lights, swerving precariously next to vehicles and at times stretch themselves out flat on the seat or lifting up the front wheel while in motion.

This dim-witted exhilaration in these “juveniles” will make them forget about the danger that lies ahead and the impairment it will cause to innocent motorists on the road.

They operate during odd hours – at times in the evening, night or past midnight. They find it irresistible to provoke innocent motorists, expecting them to retaliate – who for safety reasons would just ignore them. If any motorist were to retaliate, a bunch of them would surround his vehicle.

Innocent motorists have been punched, injured, robbed and also their vehicle smashed up by these irresponsible teenagers.

The question is should these Mat Rempit be allowed to continue with their high jinks, become a nuisance to other road users and keep on provoking the police? Should not the police take serious action against them and the society sympathise with these officers?

Just imagine if there is no fear for the police and without the police to stop their deadly stunts on the road, who then would attend to the menace caused by these irresponsible youngsters?

Policemen are also human beings with feelings and limitation to their patience. The society demands a lot from them. If these Mat Rempit keep on harassing them, try to evade them and purposely try to cause injury to them, there should be no alternative but for the police to go after them.

The society should support the police’s effort to curb the danger caused by Mat Rempit. This pain in the neck has been going on for too long.

Parents should not hit out at the police or sit idle when they are aware that their children are part of this “dirty gang”. Parents must be more proactive and support the police to restore law and order.

The people in general should support the police to go after these felonious characters in our society.



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