Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BN Barang Naik

This handsome fella is the 'ultimate' icon/ambassador for 'Barang Naik'; barang sentiasa naik 24-jam! Photo courtesy of KK, Sabah-based award-winning photographer Mr CV Chong.

Of late, "BN" has become an increasingly popular acronym for "Barang Naik" - thanks to the Govt's recent decision to cut subsidies (a politically-correct term), which in a way confirmed Minister in the PM's Department, Datuk Idirs Jala's concern & projection of the nation's dire financial position, to be true.

BN Barang Naik

In Msia, the word 'barang' also generally refers to male genital organ; hence "Barang Naik" could also mean an ERECTION besides price hike (a politically-incorrect term at this point of time). Therefore, BN is truly a controversial acronym that brings a mixed feelings to the masses, depending on how & where it is used, whether in the bed, or in the supermarket.

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