Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who is Idris Jala

This post is all about Idris Jala. Who is Idris Jala ? Read further.

First, a little bit side track from the normal political bickering and let's digest into the personality of Idris Jala. Why the sudden change of topic? Well, this blog is even hit by search engines from surfers querying about the religion of Idris Jala.

Idris Jala was born in 1958 as a member of the Kelabit tribe from the Bario highlands in Sarawak, Malaysia. His name sounds like a Malay name but Idris Jala is not a Malay. He is a Christian. Yes, a man with a Malay name is a Christian. Surprise ? Not in Sabah or Sarawak, whereby the native with their first name in English is a Christian but a native with his or her first name in Malay is not necessary a Muslim.

Back to Idris Jala. In 1982, he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in development studies/management in University Sains Malaysia, winning the Bishen Kaur Award as the top student in development studies. He joined Sarawak Shell in the same year and, thanks to a Shell scholarship, earned a Masters degree in industrial relations from the University of Warwick, England, in 1986.

He was appointed human resources advisor of Shell International in the Netherlands in 1989, before returning to Shell Sarawak four years later as head of human resources planning. In 1998 he became chairman and managing director of Shell Sri Lanka before being transferred to London in 2000 to become the company's vice-president of business development consultancy and retail marketing.

Idris Jala is currently the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Airlines.

YouTube Live: Idris Jala guitar play

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matdeboq said...

That's a problem in Malaysia (especially-in Peninsular)..!!

Malay is only a race ..there is so many Malay's , that is not Muslim. Or have the Arab...Mid-East name to carry with..!!

And once the Malay's does not carry the Arabic kinda name's ..they are totally been regarded has Non-Malay's..!!

There's alot of Malay's..outside Malaysia . Of whom does not spell their name in Arabic..kinda origin..!!

One do believe there are many Malay's in Malaysia...which does not have this Arabic kinda names.!! If one does not mistaken ..the "Portuguese communities " are by right,a Malay race !!

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