MRT Sungai Buloh 150km (USD17B or USD133M/km) verses China's Bejing - Shanghai fastest train cost 1,318 km (USD22B or USD16M/km)

Please send this to all your email contacts and also inform those without internet access about this open plundering before all your future generations become beggars and housemaids.

I won't be surprised that Bolehland will go bankrupt during our life-time under the BN Govt.

Would you believe it? It cost UMNO to build the Sungai Buloh MRT a distance of ONLY 150km a walloping USD17B (RM53B) or a cost of USD133M per km verses China's Bejing - Shanghai (Fastest train in the World @
350km per hour) a distance of 1,318km ONLY USD22B or USD16M per km??????

Another wasted tax payer's money! Why don't ask the Chinese to build it??? Check the web below

Another ploy to BANKRUPT the country! What is the projected recoup period for this massive expenditure???

Sungai Buloh MRT


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