Monday, October 20, 2008

HINDRAF snippets

This post is about HINDRAF snippets ranging from why Hindraf was banned or reason why it should not be banned, is Hindraf an illegal entity, causes of Hindraf, and responses to the Hindraf ban.

Instead of heeding Hindraf pleas and engaging in civilized dialogues to understand and solve their problems, the government and even the MIC reacted with hostility. Hindraf was considered an extremist group trying to create chaos and racial riots in the country. It was accused of having links with foreign terrorist groups and therefore castigated.

Instead of looking at the merits of their grouses, show understanding, knowledge, wisdom and patience in dealing with Hindraf, they were seen as threats to national security. How can a minority group that comprise about 8% of the population with no economic or political clout be a significant threat to the security of the nation?

It is deeply regrettable that the Hindu Rights Actions Force (Hindraf) has been declared illegal by the government. Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has been misled into believing that Hindraf is an extremist religious organisation and its actions if left unchecked would pose a threat to public order, the security and sovereignty of the country as well as the prevailing racial harmony.

Hindraf is more of a movement than an organisation or a political party.

It has no symbol, no membership, no organisational chart and no ideology. It has no expressed agenda beyond helping Indians. It has no constitution nor an order of battle.

And yet it has made its presence felt in the country with its numerous demonstrations, candlelight vigils across the country and in gatecrashing Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's office and functions on numerous occasions.

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Responses from the Internet communities

Banning Hindraf is the most farcical thing done by home minister in recent times. First of all, Hindraf is not a registered body in Malaysia so banning a non-registered body is technically incorrect.

Hindraf is neither a party nor an organisation - it is the true spirit of freedom and self-realisation.

On the one hand BN/ Umno claims it can revamp and represent the voice of all Malaysians from all ethnic groups and then a ban is slammed on Hindraf.

The Umno-led government never learned their lesson after the March election. It is sad to notice that they are not showing any signs of repentance. They are popular in scoring their own goals.

The more the BN government oppresses this organisation and its leaders, the more they will lose their popularity and not only from amongst the Indians but among others too.

Cakap tidak serupa bikin

Gerakan deputy president Chang Ko Youn says he opposes the government on Hindraf but his party is not do anything about their objection.

How is that Samy Vellu still doesn't get the message that BN and Umno do not need MIC or Indian support anymore? Suhakam has rightly said that the banning of Hindraf will further isolate the Indian community from the so-called racial unity program.

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