Sunday, December 7, 2008

RELA need not be disbanded

RELA need not be disbanded but stopped them from carrying out raids if they are not trained for such jobs.

In regards to raid for illegal immigrants, such raids should have been conducted by the Immigration and the Police in the first place.

The RELA members still can be make used for crime prevention such as patrolling streets and neighborhoods and also for crowding control during functions.

From TheStar

Bar Council wants Rela disbanded

KUALA LUMPUR: The Bar Coun­cil has called for Rela to be disbanded following numerous re­­ports alleging “members abuse of their powers during enforcement raids.”

Bar Council Law Reform and Special Areas chairman Datuk M. Ramachelvam said Rela members were not trained for such jobs and would perpetuate human rights abuses if allowed to carry out raids.

He said that the Government should instead employ more Im­­migration officers to carry out the job.

“How can they become law enforcers when they undergo only two weeks of training? That is okay if their role is confined to directing traffic but not conducting raids as they are doing now.

“Rela is not equipped to determine the authenticity of the documents carried by migrants,” he said at a press conference after chairing a round table discussion on the “Arrest and Detention of Migrants”, here on Friday.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the relevant government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

The Bar Council also called on the Government to set up special sessions courts and to engage more legal aides to expedite immigration cases involving migrants. — Bernama

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