Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Western Digital Kuching closing down

Unofficial news has been circulating that Western Digital (formerly KOMAG Kuching) factory in Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone in Kuching is winding down. Closing down. Close shop. Tutup kedai. Gulung tikar.

The winding down process will takes about 3 months from now and by late March 2009, expect their gates and facilities to be in total state of shutdown.

The winding down of Western Digital factory in Kuching will resulted in another 1,000 jobless people.

* Jan 25, 2009: Hitachi - Western Digital deal off

In March 2008, Western Digital (WD) said that it will cut about 800 employees from its global workforce of 42,500. The reduction is said to be primarily a result of a restructuring following the acquisition of disk maker Komag. 770 people in Malaysia and "approximately" 30 in the San Jose, California, will lose their jobs, WD stated. This news is now turning into a nightmare for the 1,000 employees in WD Kuching.

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Dav DiDi said...

Yeah, they are just my neighbour's company ... pity on the employees

Dol said...

as iknow 500 WD sarawak will transfer to wd Johor and 200 will transfer to wd penang i hope to meet some old freind from srawak

johny said...

I hope what Dol is saying is true...but what the purpose closing the factory in Kuching if not to cut the cost...so I hope gov will look into this problem seriously

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