I came across a student blog where he post his updates in participating in an English debate competition. His team represents the state in a national level competition BUT only allowed if his team has a BUMIPUTRA representative.

Okay, I myself is a bumiputra but when it come to competition, you want the best members, the best candidates and not just a member of certain race to fill up the racial quota rule. That rule on the racial quote on a team is not only STUPID but darn stupid.

The objective of a competition is to field your best and try to win. How can you win with a handicapped team (because the rule say you have to include BUMIPUTRA member and what if you can't find the best bumiputra member, or that fella is not good enough) ? That would break your competing spirit. And no wonder, Malaysia alway f#$k up in international competitions !!

How can Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia Minister of Education allowed this kind of racist rule to be practiced in school. His education policy should encourage competitiveness among students regardless of race and religion. Allowing racist rule in school only teach the young generation to be racist among each other when they became adult in later life.

Read the student frustration on the racial rule in his blog below:
* Dead Ends & Frustrations Pre-Debate Competition
* The Bumiputra Rule in Malaysia's English Debate Competition

* Aug 20, 2008:
Racist teacher still teaching

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Hobart Lim said...

Thanks for posting this up on your blog
It really irritates me how they could allow such a rule to come about
Will keep you posted about how the competition goes on
it's on the 7th of july
but there's a possibility it's going to be postponed

Hobart Lim said...

just wanna let you know
i've just gotten my hands on the rule, word by word
read it for yourself and see if the bumiputra rule is in anyway even justified at all

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