Abdul Taib Mahmud, a Melanau was born in 21 May 1936 in Miri, Sarawak. Abdul Taib Mahmud is the president of Parti Bersatu Bumiputra (a Sarawak BN component party) and is currently Chief Minister of Sarawak.

He undertook his early schooling at the St. Joseph's Schools in Miri and Kuching, before receiving a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Adelaide in South Australia in 1960.

Returning to Sarawak, he worked in the judiciary until 1963 when he joined the State Legislative Council of Sarawak, where he held various ministries in Sarawak and the Malaysian Parliament, before succeeding his uncle, Abdul Rahman Ya'kub, as the Chief Minister of Sarawak in 1981.

He is the father of Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib. He is better known as "Bai Mao"(白毛)in Chinese (or Pak Mo in Hokkien) which means "White Hair". Among Malay speaking communities, he is known as "Pak Uban", which translates as "Old Man with White Hair".

Taib Mahmud lengthy administration was the cause of the perpetration of corruption in the state. Legally speaking it may not be corruption but improper dealings.

Being the Chief Minister of Sarawak for almost 27 years, he instrumental behind the following (accomplishments and scandals):
* turning Samarahan district into a medical and institution of higher learning zones. The result, most land in Samarahan has been converted into commercial areas and housing areas.
* approving the Bakum Hydro dam that changes hand in managements and contractors and still not completed.
* over developing Mukah district because it's a Melanau area.
* mercurial rise of Cahaya Mata Sarawak (CMS) in which his family members have vast interest.
* ACA has no gut to investigate him or his family members.
* allegations that he and his family were linked to a timber kickbacks scandal. More unfolding stories from MalaysiaKini.
* disintegration of Dayak parites such as the dis-registration of SNAP and PBDS.
* the total monopoly of PBB in Sarawak politics.
* massive plundering of timber logs from Sarawak jungles.
* the only leader in Sarawak having the title "Pehin" (or pay him). Taib Mahmud claimed he have link to the Brunei royalty as such he deserved the title.

Photos of Abdul Taib Mahmud

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