Tuesday, November 4, 2008

About Konrad Ng and US President to be

Maya Soetoro-Ng is Barack Obama’s younger half-sister. Maya is a high school teacher at La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls where she teaches US History, global studies and peace studies. She earned her PhD in Education from the University of Hawaii as well as an MA in Second Language Studies. She also has an MA in English from New York University. Konrad Ng is Maya’s husband. He is an Assistant Professor in the Academy for Creative Media at the University of Hawaii. Konrad earned a PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawaii and a MA in Contemporary Social and Political Thought from the University of Victoria.

Konrad's father Howard Ng was born in Sandakan and married his mother, Joan from Kudat. Howard and Joan then moved to Canada where Konrad Ng was born there. Though Konrad is a Canadian, his parents are Malaysian (or maybe ex-Malaysian).

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Global perspective as observed by Barack Obama"

"If I am the face of American foreign policy and American power, I think that if you can tell people, 'We have a president in the White House who still has a grandmother living in a hut on the shores of Lake Victoria and has a sister who's half-Indonesian, married to a Chinese-Canadian,' then they're going to think that he may have a better sense of what's going on in our lives and in our country. And they'd be right."

Maya Soetoro, sister of presidential candidate Barack Obama, poses with her husband, Konrad Ng of Burlington, Ont., and their daughter Suhaila, 4, after meeting with Obama supporters in Honolulu in May 2007. (Lucy Pemoni/Associated Press)

Our UMNO led Barisan Nasional leaders should understand and adopt Barack Obama's global perspective in dealing with our deteriorating racial harmony in Malaysia.

Howard Ng (father of Konrad Ng) probably has sensed that and have moved to Canada to become a Chinese-Canadian instead of Chinese-Malaysian (or just plain Malaysian)

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