Thursday, November 6, 2008

Raja Petra Kamaruddin FREED - MalaysiaKini

The Shah Alam High Court this morning ruled that the detention of well-known blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin under the ISA was illegal and ordered his immediate release by today.

On September 22, 2008, the police sent Raja Petra Kamarudin to Kamunting to serve his ISA detention with trial.

Home Minister Syed Hamid 0, RPK 1

So despite the gloomy economic outlook, RPK supporters can now enjoyed his release.

From The Star

Court frees Raja Petra

SHAH ALAM: Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin is to be freed Friday.

He succeeded Friday in his bid to obtain a release order from detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) via his habeas corpus application.

The judge ruled that the Home Minister had acted outside his jurisdiction when he issued the two-year detention order under Section 8(1) of the ISA.

The High Court here also allowed Raja Petra to be brought to court to be released today.

He was detained for a second time under the ISA on Sept 12.

On April 11, 2001, Raja Petra along with 10 other activists were detained under the ISA for allegedly plotting to overthrow former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Raja Petra was released 52 days later.

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