Friday, November 7, 2008

Illegal logger nabbed in Lundu

The Lundu Police (at west of Sarawak) nabbed a lone lorry carrying tonnes of timber logs cut down illegally from the jungles of Lundu. One down many to go.

Illegal logging in Lundu is very serious and the local Police need to make a stand to protect the environment as well as to uphold the law. If not, Lundu mountains and jungles will be bare of precious trees. The lorry driver caught by the police is not unlucky, he is blatantly dare the authority to act because he dare to carry those illegal logs across Lundu town in daylight in front of the public.

The police has no choice but to detain the driver and confiscated the logs. Baring this circumstances, the police also ought to go to the villages and illegal timber camps to catch the culprits. Yes, there are still illegal loggers in Lundu.

More pictorial posting at Selako Bato: Illegal Logs Confiscated: Bravo Lundu Police!

For the time being, bravo to the police at Lundu. But my advice to the Lundu police, don't let your guard down, there are bloggers in Lundu keeping eyes on things.

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Image from Selako Bato: Trapped, no where to run

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