It's difficult to imagine but there is Police rapist in the Subang Jaya Police Station, Selangor. It's pure police brutality.

The story started when a victim and her partner was stopped somewhere in Subang Jaya and were instructed to go over to the police station as her partner has committed a minor offence (i.e. driving a motorbike without license).

At the police station, that policeman threatened the victim to have her boyfriend jailed if she did not comply to his lust. The victim was raped in the police station.

This is akin to "Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi", that means, the fence was to protect the padi from toppling over but the fence toppled on the paid.

Note: The media reported that the incident happen at Subang Jaya but did not stated which Police Station was where the crime happened.

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Rape victim loses 10kg

THE girl allegedly raped by a policeman in a police station has lost more than 10kg in 22 days, reported China Press.

Family members are worried that the girl, 17, may be suffering from depression as she has mostly kept to her room after the incident.

She has become temperamental, moody, lost her appetite and is also restless, her mother said.

In an exclusive interview with the daily, the victim said: “I have lost confidence and will never believe in policemen anymore.”

She said the presence of policemen should instil confidence but “it is unbelievable he used such tactics to satisfy his lust.”

On June 18, the girl was with her boyfriend when the policeman stopped their motorcycle at 5am in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The boyfriend did not have a driving licence and the policeman instructed them to go to the police station where they were questioned separately.

The policeman allegedly forced the girl to undress and threatened to have her boyfriend jailed if she did not comply.

She claimed she was forced to perform oral sex on the policeman and then raped at the station. After 30 minutes, the couple was released.

She had also claimed that the policeman had told her that there had been others before her who had been very “cooperative”.

“If action is not taken against the policeman, the credibility of the police will be questioned,” she was quoted as saying by the daily.

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