Inanam, a small town in Sabah is not spared from crime. The latest incident of bus hijacking is very serious and the incident happen at Inanam Bus Terminal which is a stone throw away from the Inanam Police Station.

Luckily, no hostages were taken for a ride. If not, the entire Polis DiRaja Malaysia would have red-face embarrassment. The latest incident should acts as a wake up call for those sleepy police stationed at Inanam Police Station. Sabah is well known for it's illegal immigrants. And illegal immigrants contribute to social problems and crimes especially if they are let loose on the street. If my friend read this post, he'll probably accused the Inanam Police Station as being manned by the illegals !

And get this, so far their is no updated news on whether the hijacked bus has been found or not. Talk about police efficiency.


Extracted from: (Apr 11, 2008)

Gang take off with express bus

KOTA KINABALU : More than a dozen passengers in a Semporna-bound express bus had a shock yesterday when they were ordered out of the vehicle by 10 men who took over the bus.

Their luggages were also thrown out of the bus as it was about to leave the outstation bus terminal in Inanam at about 7.30pm.

SK Kinabalu Transport Sdn Bhd official Sarudin Kaning,38 said that he could not make out the reason for anyone to steal his 44-seater coach.

According to him,the driver was also ordered to alight from the bus.

“This goes to show how lax the security is in the terminal,” he said yesterday after lodging a police report at the Inanam police station,which is in front of the terminal.

“My bus was ready to leave then the incident happened,” he said on his Semporna-bound bus.The company operates four buses from the terminal.

He called on the authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly and to bring the culprits to justice.

The yellow coach with plate number ACR 7168 left with the 10 men onboard.


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