Malaysiakini reported that it has remained online despite unrelenting denial-of-service (or DOS) attacks. is also under attack. At least their commenting system has been taken out. The culprits behind these DOS attacks are likely to be from the "pro-BN" tech-crews.

Both and are two of the main alternative medias that published plenty of news, snipplets and articles on "anti-BN" or "anti-Taib" during this period of campaigning for the Sarawak State Election. BN controlled medias are keeping their mouth close to a shut. So it is usually a one-sided reporting from the BN controlled medias.

Scathing stories reported in and has proved to be too hot for the BN to handle, leading to the unwarranted cyber-attacks on their sites. Najib is scare. Taib is scare. Heck, the whole BN is scare.


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