PM political blackmailing during Sarawak election campaignPM Najib announced on Sunday, 10 April that the government will consider establishing a health metropolis outside Kuching if the Pending electorate voted for BN Pending candidate Dr Sim Kui Hian.

On Monday, 11 April, the PM went to Sri Aman and announced that the federal government would finally build a new RM200 million hospital in Sri Aman to replace the old hospital built in 1959.

Imagine, it has taken the BN government 52 long years to recognize that Sri Aman needs a new hospital! Caring government macam ni, kah? How come the BN has been so blind to the health needs of Sri Aman residents for so long?

In both these cases, the PM reminded the people to support the BN. Otherwise there is no guarantee that these health projects would be implemented. PM said that he “would seriously consider every request of the elected BN people’s representative but if a request is from the opposition members, it might not be approved.”

Haven't win, already making a threat.

Is this not political blackmail? Does this mean that if people in Sri Aman vote for PKR/DAP, there will be no new hospital built there? Does this mean that if voters in Pending support DAP, there will be no health metropolis?

We voters (BN Supporters and Pakatan Supporters) pay our taxes in exchange for public services for our interests.

So, why PM Najib blackmail and bully us with our own money?

Besides, why promise a health metropolis only to Kuching when all the people of Sarawak - rural and urban - from Lawas to Lundu, need quality public health and medical services?

What happened to our rural health services? How come our rural health services have collapsed? Why is healthcare in so many places in Sarawak so neglected? Why do a majority of Sarawakians not have access to “world class public healthcare and medical” services for the last 30 years?



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