Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taib Rules, Again

BN retains two-thirds majority but Sarawak’s fixed deposit shattered. And as expected, Taib Mahmud rules, again. He quickly taking his oath of office as chief minister for the seventh time at 10.30pm which was broadcast live through national and satellite television.

The biggest upset was SUPP president and Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri George Chan Hong Nam losing the Piasau state seat to DAP’s Ling Sie Kiong.

The six-term incumbent’s defeat could spell the end of the SUPP, which won only six of the 19 seats it contested.

Najib himself had to spend six days canvassing for votes across Malaysia’s largest state and state BN officials estimate that the coalition has spent nearly RM500 million to secure today’s victory.

Money has been the most effective lubricant to the hearts of money-deprived rural folks of Lubok Antu, Sri Aman, Kanowit, Bau, Lundu, etc. So the results are expected, despite good shows at urban area campaigns by the PR.


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