Taib Mahmud advised the business community of Sibu to change to survive in today's uncertain business and economic climate is spot on. It is quite well known by the general public in Sarawak that the business community in Sibu are closely knitted and in the past they have gang up among themselves to fend off new business from outside Sibu.

The state government has nominated Sibu as the centre of SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy) development program which will create new job opportunities and other related business. Thus, Sibu business community need to think into the future and change to adapt to the changing business environment.

Whether Taib has personal interest in SCORE or not is best to be excluded from speculation. However, Sibu business community need to be prepare to grasp the opportunities that come along with the implementation of SCORE.

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Change to survive: CM

By Gaing Kunding

In today’s uncertain business climate, businesses need to modernise and be pragmatic to be successful, says Taib

SIBU: The business community has been urged to change their approaches to modern, dynamic, professional and pragmatic ways in order to adapt successfully to today’s uncertain business climate, said Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Taib made this remark when he spoke as guest-of-honour at the 40th anniversary dinner of Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) here last night.

“We are trying to diversify and industrialise our economy by opening up our country while living with the uncertainty of the national and global climate.

“In Sarawak here, for example, we have SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy) which should attract investors to the fields of heavy industry, energy-intensive industries as well as high-technology.

“We need participation from capable outsiders as we do not have the capacity, especially in terms of capital size, high technology and knowledge.

“We have identified 10 potential areas of development which, will within one generation, create one and-a-half million jobs. We believe it quite likely that the per capita income of Sarawakians will increase five-fold by 2030. This will transform our whole economy much more than just heavy industries,” said Taib.

Taib said SCORE would make this town a very promising place –much more promising than other towns in the state.

“There, SCCI must make its contributions towards SCORE for mutual success.”

The state must have skilled and technical workers, which is one of the areas that still give him a lot of headache.

The number of higher learning institutions must be increased, he said, and the faculties planned according to the needs of the people in the next 10 years.

“I have tried to make sure that Sarawak can produce about 10,000 engineers, which include marine engineers. We need them and technical people who can take over from foreigners in future,” said Taib.

He praised Sibu people for their bravery, creativity and adaptability in facing challenges and turbulences in life as well as in business, which have made them successful.

Then he called on them to once again employ their attributes to look for bigger and better opportunities in SCORE.

“For example, look for opportunities presented by Tanjong Manis-Sibu road by next year. Explore developments at undeveloped areas between Sibu and Kapit region. Bintulu, Mukah, Tanjong Manis and Sibu will become the most important centres of development in central Sarawak. Tunoh area in Kapit will become more important because of its agricultural development.

“We must also understand that with these developments, Sibu will stand to become a centre for the services, financial and technical activities. As such, you must prepare yourselves for that from now,” said Taib.

He also praised the efforts of Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh and his team of local leaders for having established United College Sarawak (UCS) and Sarawak Maritime Academy which have distinctive and important faculties of quantity surveying and marine engineering respectively.

Taib also proposed the setting up of a nursing school here to meet the increasing number of people coming to central Sarawak.

“As such, the role of SCCCI needs to be revamped. You mustn’t only think of what you are doing now. Think of the overall economic development of central Sarawak. If you failed to understand this, you will lose out to investors from outside.

“Already, we have a total commitment of more than RM100 billion from investors for SCORE. When we launched Halal Hub for Tanjong Manis Food Production, we already had a total commitment of about RM1.50 billion for the next five years,” he said.

Taib’s wife Datuk Amar Puan Sri Laila, Wong and wife, Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew and wife, Assistant Minister of Housing and Public Health Datuk Dr Soon Choon Teck, Sibu Municipal Council chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King, assemblymen – Awang Bemee Awang Ali Basah (Nangka), Vincent Goh (Pelawan), Abu Seman Jahwie (Jemoreng), SCCCI president Tiong Kiong King and organising chairman Hu Yu Siong also attended the dinner.


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