Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad (TDM), the ex-Prime Minister is calling his ally and ex-cabinet minister Datuk Sri Samy Vellu as racist.

TDM stated that the people behind Hindraf are racist and since Samy Vellu is supporting their cause, Samy Vellu is a racist too. Samy Vellu is currently lobbying for the release of the Hindraf leaders currently under detention. When Samy was still in power, he keep silent when Hindraf members demonstrate in the street. Buat tak tau. Hindraf then outcast him. Now he backing Hindraf to get sympathy.

As mentioned in previous post, it is too late for Samy to show his support for the Hindraf leaders just to regain support from the Indian community that he sidelined before the General Election 2008. Supporting the cause of Hindraf now is obviously a ploy for Samy to get free and cheap publicity.

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