Don't be alarmed. No shot was fire. No blood was spilled. No one died yet.

But the news and blog speculations on attempted political murder on Anwar Ibrahim is gaining momentum (and even MalaysiaDigest is hit with queries from Google on Anwar Ibrahim assassination). Anwar Ibrahim is still alive and kicking and definitely upset by the recent accusation that he sodomized an aide.

Staunched supporters of Anwar Ibrahim's Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), meanwhile are arguing that the sodomy claim are total lies, fabricated and a may be a cooked up plan by the Abdullah Badawi Administration to deflect the attention to the involvement of the Deputy Prime Minister's wife in a murder crime.

Saiful Bukhari Azlan, Anwar Ibrahim ex-aide who made the Police report that he was sodomized might also be an insider from Badawi Administration who are planted into PKR and to spy on PKR and perhaps, assigned with a mission to brought down Anwar Ibrahim politically. Anwar Ibrahim is getting ever powerful and a big threat to Badawi Administration and it is only natural for Badawi to setup Anwar for the second downfall.

So for now, is Saiful Bukhari a victim of Anwar crime or villain in attempted to politically murder Anwar Ibrahim ?

If Saiful is being used as a pawn to smear Anwar political image, someone is sure not doing his homework as Saiful personal background is not clean either. Even before he became an aide to Anwar (when he was still in the UNITEN university) there were plenty of grudges against Saiful. Most of his varsity mates know him for his political ambition and it is not a surprise that he resort to such thing as accusing the de facto leader of the opposition party (Anwar) of sodomizing him.

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