Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prime Minister Official website hacked

I got the news from a friend. The Official Website of the Prime Minister's office of Malaysia was hacked after the sudden increase in petroleum price. Apparently, the hackers are displeased with Badawi's decision. Can't blame the hackers though.

Official URL:

Hacked page:

or click this link (if it is still there).

MD Updates:
* 06:00pm Jun 05, 2008: A couple of hours after this post was published, the webmaster of has neutralized the hacked page. Someone must have alerted the webmaster and their action was fast. Too bad on the government side which on most occasions are slow to response to any crisis.

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MyNaga said...

Hi Ayoi's....You are invited to do another round of vulnerability test to

Email me if you find out new vulnerability to this site...My email

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