If the political weather in Sabah permit, Datuk Anifah Aman would switch his alliance. He is ready to move on but not quite ready to make the first move.

Various hints and indications have been given to the Prime Minister. Yet, no firmed answers were given. Not even a time-out requested. Sabah MPs and the Malaysian in Sabah are more frustrated with the treatment of the federal government and the overall cold-shoulders given the the West Malaysian politicians. Now, Sabah MPs are more daring and have repeatedly warn of the consequences if the Prime Minister does not give Sabah requests a serious thought.

Now, Anifah have publicly announced that he is ready to move. But he will stay if the Prime Minister can work out some solutions for Sabah woes and request.

At the moment, Anifah is one of those domino block standing and if a block topple, the rest of the domino blocks follow suit. So it seems that Anifah and some other Sabah MPs have stand between the domino stacks and it depends on Badawi not to ruffle the stack, or else Badawi will be faced with domino effects and Barisan Nasional will suffered.

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Source: newsabahtimes.com.my/nstweb/fullstory/17743 (MAy 20, 2008)

People must remain united, says Anifah

MEMBAKUT: There is nothing wrong in switching political parties provided it is for the good of future generations, said Kimanis member of parliament Datuk Anifah Aman.

Should he ever decide to make such a move, Anifah said he would first inform all community leaders and heads of the Barisan Nasional component parties in Kimanis.

“I am keeping a close watch on the political developments in the country… at present I am still with BN and Umno. I sincerely hope the BN government will attend to the needs of Malaysians in Sabah,” he said when officiating at a Kaamatan celebration here on Sunday. He pointed out that the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will be visiting Sabah soon and he expects the premier to outline his plan of action in response to the demands made by the people.

“We are rich in natural resources yet we are the second poorest in the country. As we celebrate Kaamatan with the theme ‘Harmony through Culture’, we continue to ponder as to how the country can remain stable if some states continue to be neglected,” he said. The member of parliament reiterated his decision to decline the deputy minister’s post in March saying that he sincerely believed he was able to voice the people’s aspirations if he concentrated fully on his role as MP.

He issued a strong message to the crowd telling them that there was no better time to stay strongly united than at the present moment. “I realise in the last elections that not everybody supported the BN but now that it is over, let us all come back together for the sake of our children’s future. “When we are united nobody can belittle us. Set aside our political differences and come together to give wholehearted support to all the Sabah MPs so they can advocate our rights as Malaysians in Sabah in one voice,” added Anifah.

He admitted that individuals from both the opposition and BN had contacted him but he replied that his stand is to be “in one house to safeguard the rights of Malaysians in Sabah”.


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