While it is a gallant effort for the Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu to pledge to rid of illegal squatters and reducing street kids (children of the illegal immigrants) in KK it would have limited success if the Police and the Immigration officers did not whole hearted support them.

In fact, it should be the job of the Immigration officers to raid the squatters and nab all those illegal immigrants. In addition, the illegal immigrant problem not only confined to KK but also in other major towns such as Sandakan and Tawau.

The Marine Police and Marine Enforcement Agency including the Royal Navy is not doing enough patrolling on Sabah shores. Looking at porous Sabah shores and the absence of Marine Police and the Navy make it even easier for the illegal immigrants to slip into Sabah. This is the first problem, i.e. unchecked shore and border and lack of patrolling and enforcement.

Then come the next problem, those illegal immigrants that made it to the city and major towns have become a norm that the authority close their two eyes and not doing anything about it. It take some guts for some agency to raid and nab those illegals. It take some effort to organize and conduct the operation.

The third problem is more politically as most of those illegals immigrants has been given Malaysian MyKad without undoing any sort of citizenship application. Don't be surprise if some old Chinese still have their red "thankee" or IC. If you are illegal immigrant and so long as you are Muslim and will vote for UMNO, you have 110% chance of getting MyKad.

Perhaps, more coordinated planning and efforts will minimize if not solve the first two problem. As for the third problem whereby illegal immigrants have been regularized or have been Malaysianized, UMNO must be rid out of Sabah and Sabahan make their tough stand and solve the third problem themselves.

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Source: newsabahtimes.com.my/nstweb/fullstory/17758 (May 20, 2008)

Getting rid of squatters, nabbing litter offenders, reducing street kids in KK

KOTA KINABALU: City Hall is hell-bent on getting rid of squatter colonies, nabbing litter offenders and reducing the number of street kids in the city.

Currently, City Hall has 200 officers assigned to various enforcement duties to monitor the situation, maintain cleanliness in the city.

City Hall enforcement director Assistant Commissioner Mukti Muchlish said when contacted by New Sabah Times yesterday that they are determined to achieve zero-squatter colonies in the city by 2010.

He said City Hall enforcement officers were instructed to conduct routine checks on identified squatter areas to prevent re-building of new squatter houses in identified squatter colonies.

Mukti said they had assigned 40 enforcement officers to conduct 24 hours operation against street kids.

“The 40 enforcement officers will be assisted by six policemen to detained street kids found loitering at various places in the city,” he said.

Since the operation was launched in March last year, some 1,800 street kids had been detained.

“The street kids aged between seven and 18-years were referred to the Immigration Department for further action,” said Mukti.

To a question, Mukti said majority of the street kids were foreign kids without valid travel documents, while a handful of local kids were apprehended in the ongoing blitz.

Mukti advised members of the public to refrain from littering, those caught would be compounded a maximum RM500 under Anti Litter By Laws Act 2005.


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