It's a landmark case in Malaysia whereby, Perlis Syariah High Court allow Muslim converts to renounce Islam and return to their previous religion or faith.

And kudos to the Syariah Court chief judge Othman Ibrahim who decide to let a Muslim convert, a Chinese female Siti Fatimah Tan Abdullah to renounce Islam and go back to her previous faith.

Chief Judge of the Syariah Court granted Siti Fatimah a declaration that she was no longer a Muslim, and ordered the defendant, the state Islamic Religious Council (MAIPP), to cancel her certificate of conversion to Islam.

After years of waiting, Siti Fatimah's battle is however only half-won since her religious status on her identity card (MyKad) cannot be amended until she deal with the National Registration Department.

For decades, non-Muslim Malaysian have dreaded the Syariah law whereby a Muslim convert will forever remain a Muslim even though the convert no longer practice the religion due to circumstances like separation from their Muslim spouse.

Next on the spotlight would be regarding the case of a Sabahan lady by the name of Lina Joy, who also for years has renounce Islam and wanted to revert to her old faith. Both Syariah Court and civil High Court have yet to decided on the matter.

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