The people of Ba Kelalan has been sucked into a vicious cycle of waiting games whereby the candidate from the Barisan Nasional will promise projects and roads if Ba Kelalan voted for Barisan. The promises were pledged during every election campaign.

Now that the Barisan has won, the candidate said he will promise to bring the matters to the state cabinet and the relevant authorities. Another waiting games until the next election. He should have brought the matters years ago not when he was reminded by the people.

The vicious cycle thus look like this:
1). Promises were made during election campaign in exchange for votes.
2). The people voted. The candidate won.
3). The winner said he already look at the matter.
4). The people waiting for the deliverables.
5). Election comes.

As for Ba Kelalan request for other assistance to help them with their agricultural activities, help will not come so soon and it's best for them to help each other to overcome the problem while waiting for the Agriculture Department to organize themselves.

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Ba Kelalan folk want road links speeded up

MIRI: The people of Ba Kelalan are appealing to the authority to speed up the building of roads linking several villages in Bario, which is crucial for the economic development in the Kelabit Highlands.

Among the villages making the request through their assemblyman, Nelson Balang, are Pa’ Ukat, Pa’ Umur and Pa’ Lungan.

Nelson, accompanied by several members of his party, Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party, including Cr Chiew Yen Chew the party’s Women’s wing chief, was in Bario recently, to meet up with the people, where the request was formally conveyed to him.

On his part, Nelson said he would forward their request to the state cabinet and the relevant authorities for their consideration.

The villagers also told him of their interest to actively participate in rice cultivation to meet the country’s rice need, but lamented the lack of manpower because the younger people have migrated to bigger towns and cities looking for greener pastures.

This has led to many of the landowners to hire Indonesians from Kalimantan to work in their paddy fields while many others abandoned their holdings.

“The abandoned paddy fields are breeding ground of rats, which would ‘terrorise’ fields that are planted with padi,” Nelson said.

The villagers have requested government agencies, particularly Agriculture Department, to look into the possibility of providing them with ploughing machines and building proper irrigation system to beat the manpower shortage, especially in Pa’ Remapuk. They also wanted a permanent agriculture officer to be stationed in Bario to assist in the eradication of pests and rodents.

The villagers also highlighted the problem in regards to the registration of births and application of identity cards.

Nelson also attended the annual general meeting of the party’s Bario sub-branch, where Bujang Long was elected as the chairman.


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