Badawi is advising the rakyat to be prudent in their spending due to the gloomy global economy, rising oil prices and disruption of staple food supplies such as rice and wheat.

Has he forgotten that during his last term, he has a spending spree without considering that Malaysia economy is weak. Some of the mega projects only benefited the politicians as those politicians usually have vested interests by being the middleman between Badawi and crooked businessmen.

Due to the wasteful nature of those mega projects which does not benefited the
rakyat, Malaysia is on the brink of bankruptcy. No much cash reserve to spare and that's why Badawi is urging the rakyat to be mindful of their spending. Total bull. Badawi and his cronies are the one who should tie their stomach and fast, and stop their habits of giving free money to his politicians (read: mis-use of funds).

As the head of the government, Badawi should be telling himself to spend within Malaysia's means.

Listed below as some of his spending spree that constitutes to misappropriation of funds:
* Send a space flight participant for a space ride to International Space Station
* Send Malaysian army to guard England's Buckingham palace
* Held the RM300 million Moonsoon Cup in Terengganu
* Bail out of Malaysia Airlines
* Bail out of Proton
* Proposal for a bullet train track from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
* Paying compensation for canceling the "crooked bridge" linking Johor and Singapore
* RM47 Billion Iskandar Malaysia Project

Other whooping MEGA projects (at least RM90 Billion) under Badawi's administration includes:

1 ) Trans-Peninsular Oil Pipeline

  • Cost: RM25 billion (US$7.5 billion)
  • Beneficiary: Trans Peninsular Sdn Bhd, Ranhill Bhd
  • Financing: PFI

2 ) Ipoh-Padang Besar Double-Track Railway

  • Cost: RM10 billion (Land cost not determined)
  • Beneficiary: MMC-Gamuda
  • Financing: PFI

3 ) Extension of Existing LRT Lines in Klang Valley

  • Cost: RM10 billion
  • Beneficiary: Bombardier Canada, Scomi Engineering and UEM Builders
  • Financing: Government bonds

4 ) New 40km LRT Line with Underground Tunnel Across KL

  • Cost: RM10 billion
  • Beneficiary: Scomi Engineering, MMC, MAA, Gamuda, IJM and UEM Builders
  • Financing: Government bonds

5 ) The Bakun Undersea Cable

  • Cost: RM9 billion
  • Beneficiary: Sime darby-MRCB
  • Financing: PFI

6 ) High-Speed Train to Singapore

  • Cost: RM8 billion (Land cost not determined)
  • Beneficiary: YTL
  • Financing: Not determined, probably PFI

7 ) Hulu Langat Water Treatment Project, Selangor

  • Cost: RM5 billion
  • Beneficiary: Kumpulan Prangsang Selangor
  • Financing: Government funding

8 ) Pahang-Selangor Inter-state Water Transfer

  • Cost: RM4 billion
  • Beneficiary: UEM,Gamuda and Japanese consortia
  • Financing: Not determined, probably JBIC loan

9 ) West Coast Highway

  • Cost: RM3.05 billion
  • Beneficiary: Kumpulan Europlus and IJM
  • Financing: PFI

10 ) Penang Monorail

  • Cost: RM1.2 billion to RM1.6 billion
  • Beneficiary: 4 companies have responded to RFP
  • Financing: Government funding

11 ) River Cleaning Project

  • Cost: RM1 billion
  • Beneficiary: YTL, Progressive Impact
  • Financing: Not determined, probably government

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Source: (May 05, 2008)

Spend within your means, advises PM



Consumers must change their lifestyle by being prudent and spending within their means at a time when the world is facing food supply shortage, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today.

The prime minister advised them to avoid food wastage, especially when hosting feasts, serving guests with excessive food.

They should also play a role to help law enforcers to monitor prices of goods, he said.

The public should report to enforcement agencies if they had information on smuggling, hoarding and cheating of prices, he said when addressing staff of the Prime Minister’s Department at the monthly assembly.

Abdullah said people having land are encouraged to plant vegetables and fruits.
Abdullah said these efforts may be seen as trivial but it would have a major positive impact if all consumers changed their lifestyle.

He said the government had taken appropriate measures to mitigate the food supply shortage problem by making available a RM4 billion allocation to ensure adequate food supply for the people.

The allocation had already been given to the ministry and the department concerned to help boost the nation’s food production, said Abdullah, who is also Finance Minister.

The government had also set up a rice stockpile while a bigger stockpile to meet the food demand is being initiated, he said.

“Though prices of goods in the country have gone up but they are still relatively low when compared to prices in neighbouring countries and this had resulted in smuggling,” he said.

He described food smugglers as the “people’s traitors” for indulging in such activities when “our own people are facing food supply shortage.”



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