The government has approved RM94 million to clean up the most polluted rivers in the Iskandar Malaysia development project, namely Sungai Segget, Sungai Skudai and Sungai Tebrau.

The government is blaming the people's bad habit of throw solid waste and other pollutants into the rivers.

The bad habit is basically due to people lack of concern for their environment and surrounding as well as lack of education awareness on the important of keeping rivers clean.

The faults thus lie on the educators from the Ministry of Education to the teachers for not teaching the kids to protect their rivers. The Ministry of Environment also take the blame for not doing enforcement to catch those culprits (such the land developers and factory owners) that dispose solid wastes into the rivers.

RM94 million is a lot of money and going by the government absence of planning and enforcement, the money is itself thrown into the rivers. On the other hand, there could also be corruption involve whereby certain quarters approved the budgets that benefits their businessman friends. Those officials for sure will received some monetary kick back. Without awareness programme and enforcement, after that RM94 million being dumped into the rivers for the cleaning efforts, it won't be long before the rivers get dirty and polluted again.

Government must improved the education system to instill awareness on young kids so that they will be able care for their surrounding including rivers. In the long term, awareness programme will be most effective and cost saving.


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