Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kindergartens in Mambong understaff

Mambong parliamentary constituency have 42 kindergartens in various location within the constituency and are operated with only just 32 teachers to go round.

Early education is very important and Kemas should provide at least one teacher for each kindergarten.

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Source: (May 22, 2008)

32 teachers for 42 kindergartens

By Samuel Aubery

Kemas officer says no problem as teachers willing to run from one kindy to another to ensure lessons are on

KUCHING: The Community Development Department (Kemas) in Mambong parliamentary constituency has 42 kindergartens with just 32 teachers to go round.

But Kemas coordinator in Mambong, Busman Rambli, denied that with just 32 teachers the department was facing the problem of shortage of teachers, saying some of the teachers were willingly working double sessions to make up for the shortfall.

“I must salute these teachers who are willing to work from one kindergarten to another in different sessions, and their services ensure that we realise our target in ensuring formal education from early age for these rural children,” he said.

Busman was answering questions from reporters during a combined Mothers’ Day, Teachers’ Day and pre-Gawai lunch at a hotel here to fete kindergarten teachers and Kemas staff from the Mambong constituency.

Apparently parents were not too happy that some of the kindergartens were without permanent teachers and questioned the effectiveness of having teachers who ran from one kindergarten to another.

There are 662 children aged four to six currently attending classes in the 42 Kemas kindergartens.

On another matter, Busman said the department, which is an agency under the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, is constantly improving the learning conditions of all its Kemas kindergartens especially in rural areas.

This includes its kindergarten in Tringgus, which is currently the only one not enjoying electricity in Mambong.

“Rural electrification is currently ongoing in Tringgus and surrounding areas, and we will make sure our Kemas kindergarten there will receive electricity,” he said.


Anonymous said...

abolish kemas as kemas only agents for bn to brainwash the children besides being spy the local folks

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