Janna Mohd Zaki, the fiancee of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan has all of sudden have fans and sympathizers among Malaysian from all walk of life. This come about after the sensational news of Mohd Saiful Bukhari making a police report that he was sodomized by the leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), i.e. Anwar Ibrahim.

Janna's life has probably turned upside down now that she has been suddenly pushed under the limelight or spotlight of Malaysian fishy politic. Not that she is stranger to spotlights as she is a newscaster at Bernama TV. The only different is that the spotlights are now more intense but yet not felt. This is because most Malaysian, bloggers or non-bloggers are eyeing on her and hungry for any piece of information on her.

Malaysian are not only KIASU and KIASI, they are also very KEPO (Chinese Hokkien's word for busy body or suka jaga tepi kain orang).

I am not shocked but pretty much in awed as Malaysia Digest is hit by Google queries on people looking for information on Janna engagement, Janna engagement photos, why Saiful allow it, why Saiful did not resist it as well as Saiful sodomy photo. Ha ! Do you think that there will be photographer to take photo of Anwar sodomising Saiful ! Not that I saying Anwar did it but there is no sodomy photo of that incident.

Since my readers or visitors are a kepo lot, I will continue to be a bit kepo here.

Janna Mohd Zaki is quite a good looking woman and that's probably why kepo Malaysian are busy Googling for her photo. Some of their engagement photos did leaked out when someone snatched the photos from Saiful's FaceBook profile. Saiful is at fault here since he uploaded those photos to FaceBook knowing that once it's in FaceBook, even the Eskimos can view it.

However, Janna also have strong personality and brave enough to open her blog and start to pour out her voices and opinion. Time will tell if she (with support from friends and family) can continue standing beside her man.

This also bring to another illustration on blogging tip. To be a famous blogger you need to become famous then become a blogger or become a blogger, wait for 10 years and then become famous. So for Janna case, from a "nobody", she has become a rockstar. Meaning, from a mundane life becoming famous and now she is a blogger. Thus, Janna Mohd Zaki has now become Malaysia's newest FAMOUS BLOGGER.

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