When Dr Mahathir Mohamad labeled his ex-Cabinet buddy Samy Velu as racist, Palanivel the deputy president of MIC is worry that the Indian community will shy away from Barisan Nasional.

The issue is between ex-buddy Dr Mahathir and Samy. Not between Dr Mahathir and the Indian community. Furthermore, both characters are no longer in power and are no longer key players in Barisan Nasional movement.

Anyway, Palanivel and Samy should have look into the plight of the Indian community before the General Election or when they were still in power.

Palanivel should be busy enhancing the relationship between the current leaders of Barisan Nasional and the Indian community instead of being petty about Dr Mahathir Mohamad's personal view.

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Source: thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/6/20/nation/20080620154930&sec=nation

Dr M's words will drive Indians away from BN, says Palanivel

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel has urged former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad not to make statements that will further fan racial sentiments and hatred among the people.

He said Dr Mahathir should be honest in his opinions and statements, as people had become more politically aware.

“His most recent statement on Hindraf as Tamil racists will only further drive away Indian votes from the Barisan Nasional to Pakatan Rakyat.

“It is sad to note that the former PM is not aware of the fact that Hindraf includes many non-Tamil and even non-Hindu Indians. He is wrong to say that Hindraf leaders only represent Tamil racists,” he said.

Palanivel said besides remembering his own roots, the former PM should realise that PAS, PKR and DAP were all with Hindraf during the recent general election.

The former deputy Women Family and Community Development minister was commenting on Dr Mahathir’s remarks that MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu was “racist”.

Palanivel said it appeared that the former PM had lost sight of the big picture in his continuous war against Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“What civil society wants today is more freedom to be heard. The people of all races believe that the ISA is proscriptive and hinders the process of democracy. To pick on any one race and say that it is racist, is simply causing mischief,” he said.

Palanivel said past leaders and those who had lost their positions were busy apportioning blame on why Barisan lost and in doing so were only confusing supporters and non-supporters.

“Using rhetoric to subtly cover their self-interest is not going to work because people have become more politically aware,” he added


Anonymous said...

can i say im bored with chedet

Anonymous said...

Yes, and no. Both treated their community in the same manner. Samy's angst is understandable and he had to "cuci pinggan kotor lepas makan"!


Anonymous said...

all of them played racist card especially to get support from their part supports/community but in in reality they play golf (example) together

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