Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Malaysia Cyber Watchdog On The Prowl

Who let the dog out ?

MCMC, the government's cyber watchdog says it has ordered ISPs (namely TMNet) to pull the plug on the controversial websites. The first victim was Malaysia Today site.

On the Permatang Pauh by-election polling day, I predicted that MalaysiaKini and MalaysiaToday sites would become inaccessible due heavy traffic. I was correct on MalaysiaKini whereby the site can be browse into on a on/off basis. I was wrong on MalaysiaToday whereby from yesterday evening, the site was down not due to heavy traffic but it was blocked by MCMC.

I found out this morning that access to the old MalaysiaToday site was blocked and Raja Petra Kamaruddin must be working hard last night to move their contents to the new MalaysiaToday site.

So whatever grudges the government have (I suspect Najib is behind this) on MalaysiaToday, it want to make MalaysiaToday as the first example (or victim) in order to intimidate the rest of the bloggers. Thus, there is really no freedom of speech or expression in Malaysia.

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