Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mamula Moon pirated into NegaraKu ?

Apparently there are still many people (including myself) who are unaware about this embarrassing "truth" behind our national anthem, Negaraku. The scenario of how our national anthem came to be felt like something you would normally see in a comedy.

This is not in MalaysiaKini yet or was it old news ?

A member of the Perak royal f
amily was invited to a reception in Europe, and there he was asked about his state anthem. Not to be embarrassed, he simply hummed a tune he was familiar to, a song popular to the island of Mahé in Seychelles. The state anthem for Perak was born, and it eventually became the national anthem for Malaysia.

In short, our national anthem is nothing more than a plagiarized work to “save face” of a Perak royalty. We have
always been taught to be proud of our national anthem in school, so does that mean we should take pride in plagiarism?

The similarities are very obvious, and you can listen to the original song here:

Article stumbled at internetmillionaires.com.my/

Year: 1947
Track number: 14
Duration: 00:02:50

one day i walked along
a moonlit island shore
and soon i heard a song
i’ve never heard before

i said who can it be
to sing so tenderly
and saw a dust he made
with lonely serenade

mamula moon
shine high above the southern sea
and like my love
say form again to me

we said goodbye
beside the blue lagoon
alone am i
with you mamula moon

i waved my hand
the grey ship sailed across the bay
on golden sand
that might i melt to pray

that i might see
my love returning soon
still true to me
and you mamula moon

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Joean said...

To listen to multiple version of the original songs, you can visit: http://joeanmdv.blogspot.com/2007/08/mamula-moon-by-felix-mendelssohn.html

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