Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Malaysia Today is being blocked by TMNet

The old Malaysia Today (http://www.malaysia-today.net) operated by Raja Petra Kamarudin being blocked by TMNet. To access Malaysia Today please go here http://mt.harapanmalaysia.com/2008/

MalaysiaToday at http://www.malaysia-today.net or mt.m2day.org/2008/ has been unblocked by TMNet

I must say, Barisan Nasional and TMNet only know how to block people's websites. Yet their Streamyx service is still shit.

Anyway, Barisan Nasional is so envious of Malaysia Today credible articles and even branded it as a scandalous site that it instruct TMNet to block access to MT site. No entry from Malaysian public. Not sure if access from overseas can go through to the old http://www.malaysia-today.net.

MT is far from scandalous. If BN think MT is a threat, it should think deeply before it commit to any policies and flip-flop decisions. BN run media are also slack, usually delivering late news, one-sided story, half-factual and purely pro-government.

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MalaysianToday said...

In the event that MCMC decides to further implement a full blocking of websites or blogs not friendly to UMNO/BN, the followings can be used as an effective way to circumvent internet censorship:

1. Accessing a mirror site
2. Using a non-censoring DNS-server
3. Using a non-censoring proxy server

1. Access a mirror site
For instance, Malaysia Today can still be accessed at this moment at http://mt.harapanmalaysia.com . Using mirror sites may not be effective as they may start blocking these sites too.

2. Using a non-censoring DNS-server
Change your DNS to OpenDNS server or .

Click http://www.opendns.com for more info on how to set DNS.

3. Using a non-censoring proxy server

(i) Proxy Sites
More effectively, this blocking can be circumvented by surfing through a proxy sites, such as:

There are many proxy sites available, just google for them.

(ii) Proxy Tunnelling Software
Another better and most effective way to circumvent internet censor is by using Ultrasurf. It is developed by the people against internet censorship in China. It enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely while it automatically searches the highest speed proxy servers in the background.

Download Ultrasurf software from:

Then extract the file and run, that's it.

If you are using browser other than IE, then you have to manually change your proxy IP address to with port :9666 .

(iii) TOR and TOR based browsers
For those who are more IT savvy, they can try TOR. TOR based browsers are also available, such as xb Browser and OperaTor. But TOR solution tends to give slower internet surfing experience.

Say NO to internet censorship.

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