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In the eve of the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary by-election, surfers and political enthusiasts have been flooding the site. I won't be surprise if Malaysia-Today is having the same problem soon. But it's good news as it show that those two sites do have authority and strong following. They have more trustable information compare to those coming from RTM or Ministry of Information.

Everyone seems to dig into MalaysiaKini or Malaysia-Today to get the hottest and the latest scoops on the election campaign at Permatang Pauh. Voting will be in a few hours from now. For sure, the snippets from both side will have some bearing on the choice of candidate at the election booth.

Below are the latest snippets from MalaysiaKini on the eve of the Permatang Pauh by-election:
Malays split 60-30 on Saiful's confession
Aug 25, 08 3:17pm
updated 6.30pm Close to 60% of Malays in the hotly contested constituency said that they disbelieved Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, who has sworn in a mosque that he was sodomised by the opposition leader. more
Sodomy claim: What some Malays say
Muda Mohd Noor | Aug 25, 08 6:48pm
Permatang Pauh Some of the Malay voters in Permatang Pauh remain unconvinced by the sodomy allegation against Anwar. [VIDEO INSIDE] more
Q&A with Arif: Why take a gamble? BN the best choice
Beh Lih Yi | Aug 25, 08 8:18pm
Permatang Pauh There is no better government than the BN to represent the people, says the ruling coalition's candidate Arif Shah Omar Shah. more
By-election eve: PKR holds huge final rally
Aug 25, 08 2:46pm
updated 10.30pm In a last-ditch bid for votes before a midnight curb on campaigning, Anwar held a huge gathering that drew some 20,000 people despite drizzling rain. more
Ustaz leaves BN campaign in tatters
Chan Kok Leong | Aug 25, 08 3:33am
Permatang Pauh Uztaz Ramlang Porigi from the FT Mosque openly raises doubts on Saiful's oath that he was sodomised by Anwar. [VIDEO INSIDE] more
Iman fingers Najib's aide as mastermind
Chan Kok Leong | Aug 25, 08 10:28pm
By-election snippets FT Mosque imam Ramlang Porigi said he thinks the mastermind behind Saiful's swearing is the deputy prime minister's special officer. more
Najib brushes off FT imam's claim
Rahmah Ghazali | Aug 25, 08 3:48pm
updated 7.20pm The DPM brushes aside the Federal Territory Mosque imam Ramlang Porigi's claim that the taking of oath in the mosque was not in accordance to Islam. more
Non-voters told to stay away tomorrow
S Pathmavathy | Aug 25, 08 7:40pm
Those who are not voters are told to stay away on polling day tomorrow to prevent any traffic congestion or any untoward incidents. more
Arguments break out at EC press conference
Beh Lih Yi | Aug 25, 08 5:15pm
Permatang Pauh Confusion reign over the status of 700 voters and was left unanswered at a heated Election Commission press conference today. [VIDEO INSIDE] more
Windfall for Permatang Pauh
Chan Kok Leong | Aug 25, 08 7:34pm
Permatang Pauh So far a minimum total of RM6.5 million has been either pledged or pumped in by the Barisan Nasional for the people of Permatang Pauh and other by-election round-ups. more
Sleaze, race dominate crucial by-election
Baradan Kuppusamy | Aug 25, 08 3:55pm
analysis BN unleashes money, patronage and the overwhelming control it has over the mainstream media to convince voters that Anwar is simply unfit to be anything, let alone the next PM. more
Police expecting smooth polling
Beh Lih Yi | Aug 25, 08 6:03pm
Permatang Pauh The state police chief says that extra measures have been put in place to spot and stop any potential troubles from brewing during polling tomorrow. more
MCA leader: Don't be fooled by Anwar
S Pathmawathy | Aug 25, 08 4:49pm
Parliament Deputy Home Minister and MCA veteran Chor Chee Heung tells voters not to be fooled by the opposition icon, a day before balloting begins in the Permatang Pauh by-electio more
BN's tough fight to tempt Indian voters
K Kabilan & K Indra | Aug 25, 08 4:41pm
Permatang Pauh MIC is confident that its change in tactics in approaching the Indian voters will bear fruit tomorrow. Some of the voters however think otherwise. [VIDEO INSIDE] more
Perak excos charged, defamation suit filed
Aug 25, 08 3:09pm
updated 7.30pm The two Perak executive councillors arrested last week for alleged corruption have been charged today for accepting RM5,000 and RM100,000 bribe respectively. more
Health DG joins fray in sodomy case
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz | Aug 25, 08 4:09pm
Ismail Merican says the Pusrawi doctor's report ruling out sodomy is not the same as confirming there was no sodomy. more
The conjuror weaves his verbal wand
Terence Netto | Aug 25, 08 11:36am
Permatang Pauh In the last lap, the PKR leader has combined the stamina of a marathon runner with the concentration of an archer intent on the target. more
'Forgive, not forget' vs Sodomy 2.0
Joe Fernandez | Aug 25, 08 5:52pm
analysis The Permatang Pauh campaign has pitted Anwar’s ‘forgive, not forget’ against Umno’s second sodomy allegations. more
Permatang Pauh: Will history be made?
Kim Quek | Aug 25, 08 4:23pm
comment Will voters give Anwar a decisive margin of victory that can be taken as an endorsement of his plan to take over power from the crumbling Barisan Nasional? more
DAP's 'rocket' ready to go mainstream
Stanley Koh | Aug 25, 08 4:31pm
analysis Buoyed by jubilance and self-confidence, DAP delegates gave the thumbs-up to a call from their leadership to go the political distance and transform into a ‘mainstream party’. more
'Khairy, we know your heart is with us'
Aug 25, 08 10:26am
free ‘Don't worry Khairy, we, the public, will forgive you because we know you will be the first person to join Anwar when he becomes prime minister.' more

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