Good news from Wee Ka Siong, the Deputy Education Minister who pledged that the government will fund the repairs of Sabah Chinese schools including building new classrooms.

However, the bad news is, no specific amount was mentioned.

Wee Ka Siong also revealed that some Chinese schools in Sabah were established over 50 years ago and had been operating with funding from Chinese community groups and nominal annual state government grants.

For 45 years (since formation of Malaysia), the Education Ministry or federal government has neglected the Chinese schools in Sabah (as well as other Chinese schools in other states). Wonder where the taxes from the rakyat gone to ...

Extract from TheStar

Wee: Government aid for Sabah Chinese schools

KOTA KINABALU: Government-aided Chinese schools in Sabah will get more assistance for repairs and to build new classrooms.

Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong said there were 83 primary and five secondary schools in the state and half the student population were bumiputras.

“In some schools, Bumiputras make up 90% of the student population. This is a special situation in Sabah and it is good for racial integration,” he said after meeting representatives of Chinese school managements here.

He said he would propose that repairs be made to schools that needed them and new blocks added to schools that were cramped.

“We will first try to provide the essentials such as school blocks,” he said.

The schools, some established over 50 years ago, had been operating with funding from Chinese community groups and annual state government grants.

Wee who visited a Chinese and government school in the northern Kota Marudu district on Saturday, said he was impressed that an adult literacy class was conducted there.

He said he was even more impressed with the fact that the eldest student there was 83 years old. Similar adult literacy classes were being conducted at schools in Sipitang and Kunak.

“These classes create awareness among parents about the importance of education for children,” Wee added.

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