Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak made a plea to the Chinese and Indian communities in Permatang Pauh - come back to the Barisan Nasional's fold.

Yeah right. Did Najib or Abdullah ever get consent from the Chinese and Indian when they held talk with PAS ? The reason why the talk broke down is because PAS want Hadi to take over the prime minstership from Abdullah.

The only way for Chinese and Indian to enjoy equality and to contribute more to Malaysia is lend their supports to PR.

As for Najib or Abdullah, I doubt they even care about their own race what more to say other races. They only care about holding power in PutraJaya.

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penyokong PR said...


the chinese are 100% solidly supporting DSAI to be the next PM of Malaysia.

to my malay and indian friends
come let us together show and prove our solidarity and rally
behind DSAI.

forget about saiful sinful or whatever fool .

Alhamdulilah everything went smoothly during nomination day.

just go all out and vote DSAI for he will not only be our MP but also our next PM for all Malaysian.

long live DSAI and may god bless you and your family.


amoker said...

Najib, thanks but no thanks

I am quite insulted by the rationale that Chinese ( and Indians) can be appeased by having someone who can speak their language. Does UMNO think that we are in for gimmicks, like a clown who can perform at birthday parties? While the MSM are using blown up racial issues like Uitm, Bar council etc., they are hoping that the rest of the Malaysians did not notice their hand in this

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