Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Malaysia National Service a Failure

Declare National Service a Failure. Here's the sole reason:
1) Malays is not open to competition as in the case of the recent UITM undergraduates protest.

New reasons:
* Vandalism by trainees at NS camps.

Extract from:

Watching the continued coverage of UITM undergraduates protesting and screaming all sorts of seditious statements whilst the police and govt stand by is not only a sad reflection of the state of the country but also the future of this country.

Whilst many may have their own views on the end products of UITM, at the bare bones they are still young Malaysians. Malaysians who are the future of this country. I am able to forgive their robust stand and total conviction for a cause but what they fail to realise are the following:-

1. Every right minded employer will now think twice about employing any of these graduates since they will all know the racist, self supreme, warped and self absorbed thinking they have. In a globalised economy, there is no place for xenophobia.

2. Every right minded investor will think twice since it appears to the world that Malaysia (principally Malays) are not open to competition nor is it open to critical thought. In every organisation, there will be critical thought. That banter and discussion is what fleshes out the best ideas. Its called meetings. A simple word that a so-called graduate cannot phantom has no place in an economy.

3. Lest these young ones feel that they are destined for greatness in Malaysia, they are sorely wrong. Simple maths of dwindling investments, increased competition (read: two jobs= 1000 applications) and highly motivated graduates from other races should have made reality dawn in their mushy mind.

Putting aside economics and realities of the working world, if we drill deeper, we find something that truly is worrying for every Malaysian, of every race.

In a country with some of the best infrastructure (noted not designed with maturity) and exposure to world views via ASTRO, Internet etc, critical thought and courage and maturity to stand up (without crutches) for a fellow countryman is left wanting.

Against this landscape, we can safely assume that National Service which has its main tenants of bringing the various differing races together has been a failure. Agreed, most of us have our views of National Service and comments on the media adverts of all races giving high fives and building a fire together. Below this proverbial veneer lies the absolute envy, hatred and racism of this country.

The UITM fiasco and the continuing political mileage being milked by various quarters are in my opinion the death kneel for all UITM graduates and also this country.

I ache for the UITM student who did not participate in the protest and was silently hoping for all this to go away for he needs the job and needs the money to pay for his sister who intends to study a course and not be a statistic with Mat Rempits or holed up in a foreign prison for drug charges. But alas, this student will also be branded as with all the others.

My advise to UITM, its students and its leaders- if you think this Barisan Gov't has a job waiting on a platter for you. Think again. Their jobs are already in trouble and they may not have one come Oct 2008.

If you think a multinational is going to employ you as the government will impose rules to employ you. Think again. Those rules may work previously. Now the investors will show you with their feet.

If you think any company worth its salt that will be able to pay the kind of salaries that you dream about is going to employ you, think again. They know your true colour. No amount of interview tactics and strategy will help you now.

With your lack of critical thought, understanding, solidarity with your fellow countrymen and long term vision, you have sealed your destiny.

But then, you are an undergraduate in a university. You already knew that.

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